These Tips From Jodie Comer's Makeup Artist Will Change Your Whole Look This Summer

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Perhaps, like the rest of us, you admired the graphic white eyeliner Jodie Comer wore to the London premiere of Killing Eve in May, or the classic red lip Laura Harrier wore to a Bulgari event in Capri, Italy this month. Maybe you've envied Lily James' full, fluffy brows, or the soft brown look Sophie Turner wore on her Rolling Stone cover with Maisie Williams. It turns out they were all the work of the same genius — and fortunately for the non-famous among us, Jodie Comer, Laura Harrier and Lily James' makeup artist Naoko Scintu just shared her best tips with Glamour.

Scintu's Instagram is saturated with innovative beauty inspiration and (perfectly made up) famous faces. "I've been super lucky to have been working regularly with such talented actresses, who are inspiring, fun and kind, and it’s just a joy to paint their faces," Scintu told the magazine. "Florence Pugh, Lily James, Jodie Comer, Sophie Turner and Laura Harrier are my dream girls. I feel like I am at a really special place in my career with these ladies."

Skincare forms the basis of even Scintu's most experimental looks, she explained. "I'm obsessed with great skincare. It’s the most important element to a great makeup look in my opinion, so at the moment I am using Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, Illuminating Moisturiser, Omoressence for super hydrated skin, and Perfecting Lip Balm."

To make a graphic eye or vivid lip work, Scintu said, "I think it’s important to keep everything else on the face beautifully polished. So again, great skin with an element of colour on the face. I tend to do either a lip or an eye, to keep things more simplistic but with an element of colour and fun. I think this is a general rule with the way in which I do makeup, I'm all about balance."

Some more insider recommendations: "I'm also loving Sensai's Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment for perfectly plump lips. Oh yeah, and Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. No mess, so easy to use," she said. "Also, most importantly, I-Shimmer individual lashes. These are the lightest and most beautiful lashes I have ever seen."

Glamour, thankfully, asked Scintu the question every acne sufferer who's ever fixated on a celebrity's flawless skin wants answered: what do you do when your client breaks out right before the red carpet? "Get them under an LED as soon as possible. I have a portable one, the blue light seems to calm the skin," she said. "Then straight on with a stretch face mask for maximum hydration, and vigorous facial massage to really get the blood flowing to the surface of their skin. Once this is done, I'll pop Ling Drying Lotion onto the spot, and work around it until the very last minute, just to calm the spot down."

The look of the moment, according to Scintu, is "bronzed dewy summer skin with a natural texture. So, showing off all your freckles and not being afraid to show off 'real skin.' I love creamy textures of blush for the summer months, I'm just obsessed with glowing, highlighted skin which looks lived in."

"A coloured mascara is also a trend I'm really loving at the moment," she added. "Purple is a colour I love, Shiseido do a fabulous one. I like to paint just the top or bottom lashes for a pop of colour on the face." A look like Jodie Comer's for £25? Consider me very much sold.