John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Are Offering A Double Date To A Lucky Fan & It’s All For A Great Cause

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Ever wondered what it'd be like to double-date an A-list celebrity power couple? To those who responded with something along the lines of, "um, yes, obviously", you're in luck. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are offering the "best double date ever" to a fan, and it's for a good cause, too.

In an absurdly endearing new video (helmed by Omaze, the online fundraising platform with which the married duo has partnered), Blunt and Krasinski are giving fans the opportunity to accompany them to the premiere of their upcoming horror film, A Quiet Place. And, even better, whoever wins the grand prize can bring a sweetheart of their own to the double-date extravaganza. (As if third-wheeling the star-studded married pair wouldn't be thrilling enough already.) For a $10 donation — the proceeds will benefit the Malala Fund —interested candidates can enter Blunt and Krasinski's fundraising giveaway via their Omaze page.

Per the release of Omaze's new video, which sees Blunt and Krasinski fumbling their way through a satirical "Double Date Audition Tape," the married couple is now accepting entries for potential double-date candidates. The segment opens on a distinctly toothy-grinned (and equally wild-eyed) Blunt and Krasinski, setting up to film what looks like a home video tape.

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Then, standing side by side against the backdrop of some unidentified, cozy room (the mood lighting of which makes for a hilariously appropriate ambience, given the subject matter), the couple launches their sales pitch.

"Hi! I'm Emily Blunt," the actor begins with an exaggerated wave to the camera, "and this is my husband, John Krasinski." Krasinski offers an enthusiastic thumbs up before chiming in: "And we want to go on a double date with you."

Over the course of almost two minutes, Blunt and Krasinski amp up the allure as they film a handful of takes, each in an attempt to convince fans that, as far as double dates go, they're the best couple for the job. Suffice to say, not every take was a slam dunk.

"We're so, so excited. We never get out!" Blunt exclaims during a take later dubbed "too desperate" by the duo. Another take, they decided, made them "sound like cops." And yet another features Krasinski's celebrity "ship" moniker for himself and his wife: "Krunt." Blunt, unsurprisingly, had a few less-than-enthusiastic things to say about that.


The sweet parody video (and the lofty grand prize that accompanies it) was borne out of Blunt and Krasinski's partnership with Omaze, an online fundraising platform. On Omaze, winners are selected from the pool of participants who donate to a specific cause, and the prizes range from merchandise items to "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences. So, for as little as a $10 donation to Blunt and Krasinski's fundraising page, potential contenders can enter for a chance to experience the double date of a lifetime. And, in this case, the associated cause is a particularly paramount one.

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The proceeds will go toward the Malala Fund, an organization that advocates for safe, accessible secondary education opportunities for young women. Founded by activist, author, and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, the fund seeks to empower the 130 million girls who don't currently have access to any sort of education and fight for the resources and policy changes necessary to change that statistic.

Need any more convincing? In addition to double-dating with Blunt and Krasinski, the selected winners will also have the opportunity to join the celebrity couple on the red carpet at A Quiet Place's premiere, as well as during the event's after-party. Plus, Omaze will fly the winner (and their plus one) to New York City and sponsor their stay in a 4-star hotel.

And, of course, as Blunt and Krasinski's fundraising page clearly states, grand prize winners will have the chance to "bond with the coolest couple in Hollywood." To that end, it seems like the pair's audition tape probably speaks for itself.