All John Krasinski Wants For His 40th Birthday Is For You To Donate To Charity

John Krasinki celebrated his birthday by asking his fans to donate to charity.
Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Keeping with his reputation as one of Hollywood's kindest actors, John Krasinski's birthday wish is for fans to make a donation to charity. Krasinski turned 40 on Sunday, as per ET Online, and celebrated the occasion by encouraging fans to contribute to a good cause. On Instagram, Krasinski posted a birthday video, encouraging fans to support an organization called Family Reach.

"John Krasinski here and it is October 20th, which means it's my 40th birthday," The Office star said in the video. "And I know what a lot of you are thinking, 'Wow, he's old!' Thank you. I am." Then, the star joked that any fan who forgot about his big day and wanted to send a gift to make up for it could send money.

Krasinski wasn't really soliciting money from followers, but he has set up a Venmo account called "JKbday" which will make donations to the Family Reach to help families pay their bills after battling cancer. In the caption, he shared how to donate, writing: "I’m 40!?!? Holy moly, I’m 40!?!?...... so what did you get me? Didn’t get me anything? Don’t worry I’m easy. Venmo: JKbday #JKBday #familyreach."

Family Reach helps families manage the financial toll of a cancer diagnosis, a widespread issue called "Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity", as per the organization's website. In one last plea to his 2.7 million followers, Krasinski said, "So, open up your hearts, open up your cyber wallets and make my birthday dreams come true!"

Krasinski is a longtime supporters of the organization's financial treatment program. On Sunday, Family Reach posted a photo of Krasinski volunteering at a charity event on Instagram, writing: "Happy 40th Birthday @johnkrasinski!! Thank you for choosing to support our organization on your special day. #JKBday Get in on the action!! Venmo @JKBday or click the link in bio! Let’s make his birthday wish come true!"

In 2015, Krasinski participated in a Family Reach fundraiser called "Cooking Live From New York", along with wife Emily Blunt, to support the organization, according to Boston Magazine. Chef Ming Tsai, who also works with the organization, told the publication, "John and Emily were not only the nicest human beings, they were both really inspired by what we do with Family Reach.”

The birthday donation fund is also not the first time The Quiet Place writer and director has used his platform to support a meaningful organization. In August of 2018, Krasinski posted a video of himself doing push-ups on Instagram to support Merging Vets and Players, encouraging fans to donate. While promoting The Quiet Place in 2018, Krasinski and Blunt created a fundraiser for the Malala Fund on Instagram, and chose one fan who donated to the cause to meet the cast.

For Krasinski, both birthday gifts and contributing to a good cause seem to be priorities, so it makes sense for the star to combine the two. On the Office actor's 40th birthday, fans have an opportunity to help him celebrate, while also helping eradicate cancer-related bankruptcy.