OMG, John Legend Just Posted The Cutest Video Of Luna Singing "Baby Shark" To Him

by Savannah Walsh
Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not even celebrities' children are immune to the mystifying power of "Baby Shark," the kids' song taking the Internet, then the world, by storm. But get ready for your day to get a whole lot cuter, because Luna, daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, gave her own rendition of the inescapable hit via her famous father's Instagram. Luna sang "Daddy Shark" to John Legend, her Grammy-winning dad, and it is seriously heartwarming. Could this video be the work of Legend's vocal talents or Teigen's social media prowess? After watching this latest post, it's hard to imagine that she didn't inherit both.

Legend shared the video of his daughter to the 'gram on Tuesday with the caption, "Making too much noise at lunch." In the video, the singer is seen sporting a light-colored shirt with sharks on it. Legend asks Luna if she knows what's on his shirt. She responds confidently, "Daddy shark." Soon the father and daughter are singing along to the popular song before Luna takes over completely, moving into the Mommy shark verse. Chrissy would be so proud. Not only is Luna's bow-and-dress outfit combo adorable but her musical abilities take the cuteness to the next level.

The 2-year-old is a regular fixture on her famous parents' social media platforms along with her younger brother Miles, who was born in May 2018. And it's not hard to see why. Legend even followed up the video of Luna singing "Daddy Shark" with a snap of the daddy and daughter wearing matching sunglasses and smiling. The sweetness is too much to handle. Legend captioned the post, "Daddy Shark + Luna Shark." We seriously do not deserve this family.

Not only are John and Chrissy the definition of #couplegoals but their kids are continuing the family tradition. Both Luna and Miles are basically John and Chrissy's twins and like their celeb Mom and Dad they know how to deliver the content, if somewhat unintentionally, of course. Whether Luna is showing off her dance moves or wearing her best princess dress or Miles is chowing down on some of his Mom's delicious cooking or playing with his big sis, these kids are undeniably entertaining.

Not only is Luna a natural performer on John and Chrissy's socials, but she is keying in to the latest musical trend. Baby Shark is everywhere, topping the Billboard chart, and even acting as soundtrack for Stormi Webster's 1st birthday party, (perhaps that's where Luna learned the song?). Kids and adults alike are being captivated by this catchy nursery rhyme for some reason and Luna's cuteness is capitalizing on it.

Considering just how much followers of John and Chrissy love seeing their family moments, there is sure to be more adorable Luna and Miles posts to come. Which song Luna might sing next and if dancing will be involved remains to be seen. Perhaps one of her Dad's chart-topping hits? Or perhaps when Miles is old enough the two siblings could duet. We have a feeling Chrissy would be documenting the whole thing with hilarious commentary.

Until then, we'll be pressing play one more time.