John Stamos Just Expressed His Appreciation For Nick Jonas In A Hilariously Unexpected Way

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This celebrity love-fest is the gift that just keeps on giving. On Friday, Mar. 15, John Stamos trolled Nick Jonas with a photo of himself seemingly getting a tattoo of The Jonas Brothers member's face on his arm. Now, it's unclear whether or not the tattoo is real, but either way, Stamos has clearly won this round of the duo's ongoing saga of one-upmanship. Even Jonas seems to agree, he commented on the photo, "Okay... okay..." — is that code for a concession? Because this anti-feud needs to go on forever.

In the pic, Stamos is looking cool as ever with his sleeve rolled up as a tattoo artist works on a suspiciously detailed image of Jonas on his forearm. He perfectly captioned the photo, "#jobrosforlife." Even though it's unlikely that the Fuller House actor actually went out and tattooed the "Sucker" singer's face on his arm, the level of commitment that it takes to fake such a bold move is still impressive. And it's caught plenty of people's attention, including Stamos' wife, model Caitlin McHugh, who commented, "@nickjonas will have to name his firstborn John Stamos."

Balls in your court, Jonas. In the meantime, even other celebrities can't get enough of these two. Stamos' Fuller House co-star Bob Saget wrote, "Is that my face? Changin my name to Bob Jonas." Nick's brother Joe chimed in with eight crying laughing face emojis, and Shane West added, "Slow down cowboy."

Just in case you're just tuning in to the ongoing Stamos and Jonas saga. their delightful displays of affection began back in Oct. 2018 when Stamos wore a 2009 Jonas Brothers' tour t-shirt to the American Music Awards. On the red carpet, he told Entertainment Tonight that he was the fourth Jonas brother — for the record, that gig's already taken by Frankie. On Mar. 2, Jonas made his first move by wearing a shirt featuring a photo of Stamos' wearing the tour t-shirt. Things escalated quickly from there.

Stamos upped the ante on Mar. 6 when he shared a photo on Instagram of himself sleeping on a pillow featuring the picture of Jonas wearing his shirt featuring the now famous Stamos photo from the AMAs. The actor wrote, "I had the craziest dream last night...#jonasbrothers #sucker."

That wasn't the end of the photo inception games. Jonas celebrated The Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" hitting number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart with — what else — a photo of him tucked in bed beneath a comforter featuring the photo of Stamos with his Jonas pillow. The sheer speed at which these two have been responding to each other's antics only makes the saga all the more exciting. You never know when they'll strike next — or what hilarious photo will show up on their Instagram feeds as a result.

It's hard to imagine Jonas being able to top Stamos' tattoo shot, but if their adorable version of trolling has taught fans anything, it's not to underestimate either one of these guys. When it comes to showing their appreciation for one another they know no bounds, which makes the possibilities for Jonas' next move endless.