Nick Jonas' Response To *That* John Stamos Photo Brings Their Saga To A Whole New Level

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes the internet can be a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to the Nick Jonas and John Stamos saga. Their mutual appreciation for one another was just taken to a whole new level courtesy of the Jonas Brothers singer. The "Sucker" artist posted the most amazing Instagram picture of himself that involved Stamos, and it will make fans even happier than they have been ever since the two started showing love to each other.

On March 11, Jonas posted an image of himself "sleeping." However, this wasn't your typical picture of someone going to sleep, because in addition to the singer pretending to get some shut eye, Jonas was photographed using a blanket with a picture not only of Stamos' face printed on it, but also his own. That's right, he was in bed using a blanket featuring a huge picture of Stamos and himself. Jonas captioned the image,

"I’ll sleep well tonight knowing #sucker is number 1!"

Side note: Jonas Brothers' debut song, "Sucker," since they announced their 2019 reunion, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in March. This was the band's first-ever No. 1 hit on the Hot 100. What better way to celebrate than with a Stamos-inspired blanket?

The blanket really is as wonderful as it sounds. Now, Jonas didn't just use any photo of the Fuller House actor for his throw. Oh, no, it was a truly special picture.

For those unaware, on March 6, Stamos posted an Instagram of himself "sleeping" on a pillow. However, this pillow had a special pillowcase with a photo of Jonas once photographed wearing a shirt with Stamos' face on it. Stamos also wrote next to it,

"I had the craziest dream last night...#jonasbrothers #sucker."

Yes, Jonas blew up the former Full House actor's Instagram image from March 6 and put it on a blanket. These two know how to make each other feel loved, all while doing it in hilarious ways.

After Stamos uploaded his picture on Instagram, Jonas commented on the post by first applauding him and writing, "Well played." Then, the Jonas Brothers musician wrote, "I will be back." Well, he definitely returned — and in a truly memorable way.

The You actor has yet to respond to Jonas' latest move, but keep those fingers crossed for at least a witty comment. Better yet, let's hope Stamos posts another picture involving Jonas somehow.

John Stamos/Instagram (screenshot)

All of the back and forth between Stamos and Jonas began way back in October 2018. While attending the American Music Awards, Stamos wore a Jonas Brothers shirt from their tour in 2009. He even joked with Entertainment Tonight by saying he was the fourth Jonas brother. Let's not forget about Frankie Jonas, who is really the fourth Jonas brother, which would make Stamos the fifth. "I love those guys," Stamos also told ET about the famous brothers.

If that isn't enough, Jonas then posted a photo on Instagram on March 2 of himself wearing a shirt with a picture of Stamos wearing his Jonas Brothers shirt. "It's your move @johnstamos," he wrote.

As you can see above, Stamos made his move, which then caused Jonas to make yet another move. Who knows how long these two will continue to try to up each other, but let's hope they keep doing it at least for awhile. Come on, you know you're a sucker for it.