JoJo & Jordan's First Meeting In The ‘Bachelor’ Mansion Wasn’t As Romantic As It Seemed

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While it may look like roses, champagne, and pure romance, it's really just vodka, confusion, and standing around for long periods of time. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers' comments on the Bachelor mansion during night one pull back the curtain and prove how unromantic the setting really is. The engaged couple released the first episode of their web series Engaged With JoJo and Jordan on Tuesday, and let's just say viewers may not romanticize the show the same way again after watching.

The couple has been in engaged since 2016 when Fletcher was the lead in Season 12 of the Bachelorette (previously, she was also a contestant in Bachelor's Season 20 with Ben Higgins). While they're on their way to a happy ending, it seems they got off to quite an interesting start on the reality series. In the first episode of their show, they recalled their very first night in the iconic mansion. Rodgers said the male contestants were given welcome drinks by production to loosen up a bit, but soon enough they were all "hammered." He explained that he carried the same drink around all night, barely taking more than a sip because of how strong it was. "It was straight vodka, nothing else in it," he revealed in the episode.

Fletcher agreed, calling the night a total "sh*t show" due to the alcohol consumption. "The guys on my season were hammered the first night. That was my main memory from night one: y'all were just hammered," she said.

Fletcher further recalled how confusing it actually was remembering all of the strangers trying to court her. "I did not remember, really, anyone's name," she said. "Inside scoop, on the first night, when we're doing the rose ceremony, I go out and I have three names in my head. I go out there, I say the three names, and then we break." She handed it to production who helped keep the suitors straight in her mind. "I go back into a different room with producers who have a photo of the lineup, so I know where to look, like, 'Who's Jeremy and where is he standing?'" she remembered. "It's definitely broken up, but you don't see it."

And while the rose ceremony, with dramatic music and tears, is often the most anticipated moment of the episode for viewers, the same cannot be said for the participants. "It's terrible for us, because we're standing there literally for three hours," Rodgers revealed. "I know it's LA, but that first night was cold." Fletcher argued his statement with her side, saying she was "on the other side of that, in five-inch heels, standing there nearly naked in a dress."

As for that impeccably shiny driveway that glistens when contestants first arrive in their limos? Yeah, it's not naturally that perfect. "Night one, every three people that got out, they would spray [the driveway] with water," Fletcher said. Rodgers added, "Pretty sure someone gets paid just to spray that down." The two are still going strong from their time on the show, but still, there's no business like show business.