We're Not Talking Enough About This 'GoT' Reunion

Macall B. Polay / HBO

Everyone's reuniting on Game Of Thrones, and fans couldn't be more thrilled about it. In the past, the show was mostly filled with separate character sagas, but this season has begun to connect the various narratives. In the third episode of Season 7, Bran Stark and Sansa Stark had a creepy but sweet family reunion, Jaime Lannister and Olenna Tyrell shared secrets before Jaime killed Olenna, and Jon Snow finally met the many-titled Daenerys Targaryen. Yet, the most exciting and underrated meetup on Sunday's Game of Thrones was Jon Snow and Tyrion's reunion.

Jon and Tyrion first met in Season 1: Tyrion was a heavy drinker who spent most of his time seducing women and Jon was an eager to prove himself young man, ashamed of being a bastard. The conversation they had in Season 1, about accepting insecurities as a sign of strength, stands out even after seven seasons of the show. Both Jon and Tyrion had much to learn: They were men surrounded by power, but held back by those who underestimated them. Jon and Tyrion have both been on long quests since then, and much has changed, but their reunion was the kind of friendly meetup that fans crave on this (often dark) show.

Tyrion is one of the few characters on Game Of Thrones with a consistent sense of humor and the ability to quip even in tense moments. This seeped into the Jon and Tyrion reunion as the two chatted about the irony of their situation. Jon was a man of the Night's Watch who now holds the title King Of The North. Tyrion was the outcast Lannister brother who now is Hand Of The Queen to Daenerys Targaryen. How funny that they both ended up here!

It would take a whiteboard and a lot of time for these old friends to fully catch the other up on the past six seasons of adventures. That's where the humor comes from in this reunion, as the pair glossed over the dramatic events of the past. Jon didn't mention that he died and came back to life, and Tyrion was quick to explain that he married Sansa — but didn't actually sleep with her.

In addition to being funny, Tyrion and Jon's reunion set the stage for an important alliance. Jon went to Dragonstone to ask Daenerys if he could mine the place for dragonglass, the only known way to defeat White Walkers. It was the friendship between Tyrion and Jon, established quickly in the first season, that allowed this trip to actually happen. Tyrion vouched for Jon being a good man to Daenerys, and Jon let the lords of Winterfell know Tyrion was also to be trusted. These powerful men reuniting could lead to an alliance between the North and Daenerys — one that may be the only hope of defeating the White Walkers and Cersei.

Jon and Tyrion are both men who earned their power, by working hard, fighting battles for people with fancier titles, and never giving up. In this way they found power and stayed alive. Well, Jon didn't always manage to stay alive, but he's alive now and that's what counts.

If Jon and Tyrion can remain on the same team, the good guys may be able to defeat the impending threats. Or... everyone will be turned into White Walker zombies and the Iron Throne will freeze over. One or the other is bound to happen — but at least we had this joke-filled reunion in the meantime.