This Is The Guy Behind Those Animated Music Videos On 'The Good Fight'

Patrick Harbron/CBS

The Good Fight trusts that its audience will be able to keep up with all of the legal rules and regulations that get mentioned in the show, not taking too long to explain any one topic before moving on. However, some aspects of the legal world deserve a little more attention, and for that The Good Fight has an animated video and song each episode explaining an aspect of the government, and specifically the laws and lawmakers that shape America as we know it in 2019.

The show first featured a Schoolhouse Rock!-style video in Season 2, ending the episode "Day 450" describing the details of impeachment, which earned the series it's only Emmy nomination in 2018 for Outstanding Music And Lyrics. The song is performed by singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton, whose partnership harkens back to Good Fight predecessor The Good Wife, which did an episode inspired by a legal case he was involved in against the television series Glee.

Coulton cameoed on The Good Wife, and went on to sing the musical "previously on" recaps for Braindead, the short-lived show that Good Wife creators Robert & Michelle King worked on between The Good Wife and The Good Fight. The Coulton-King collaboration continues with The Good Wife in the form of diddies that are as informational as they are catchy.

"The One About The Recent Troubles" - NDA's

The Good Fight has had no shortage of storylines inspired by predatory men, including the "A**holes To Avoid" list that almost comes back to bite Reddick, Boseman, & Lockhart in Season 3, but Season 3 premiere "The One About The Recent Troubles" takes a deeper look at one specific element — how people get people they've harmed to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement to prevent word from getting out about their indiscretions. Coulton's jingle provides an explanation of the legal implications someone could face for breaking an NDA and encourages fans to see if they can count all of the red folders featured in that episode, the total of which is revealed during the credits. How's that for interactive television, Bandersnatch?

"The One Inspired By Roy Cohn" - Roy Cohn

If you're not familiar with Roy Cohn, it's possibly because you aren't interested in conservative politics or you've never seen the play Angels In America, but to understand how American conservatism became what it is today one needs to know who Roy Cohn is and the many important moments in American history he was involved with, including his relationship to Donald Trump. Luckily, The Good Fight has you covered with a catchy tune.

And There Are More To Come!

There are plenty of topics that The Good Fight has touched on that are worthy of a more expanded look at through song. A primer on the RICO act, perhaps? An explanation of how Russian bots affect social media? The show's creators have been interested in cryptocurrency since The Good Wife, but will a Good Fight song finally be what helps viewers understand how bitcoin mining works? While there's no guarantee that these Good Fight shorts will continue past the show's third season, their inclusion makes the case for just how necessary a grown-up SchoolHouse Rock! reboot is to make sense of the current state of the American government.