Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Has The BEST Hack For Staying Cool While Wearing Your Hair Down

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It's hot outside. Or, as any millennial will tell you, it's hot AF out. Thankfully, everyone's beloved hairstylist from Queer Eye is here to save the day. As PopSugar found, Jonathan Van Ness found a way to cool down while blowdrying your hair. It's all natural, affordable, and anyone can do it. Get ready to cool off, my friends.

We've all been there. You walk around for hours with a towel on your head, makeup done, outfit on, because you just don't want to dry your hair in the heat. But now there's a way to stop it. As Van Ness tells the Today Show, all you have to do is add a little bit of peppermint of spearmint oil to the back of your neck as you're blowdrying.

According to PopSugar, the stylist says that the oil can cool you down for up to an hour. Bonus points that it's also all-natural. The publication says that Van Ness even gave his recommendation for one that's ready for you to purchase — Aveda's Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate.

You can buy the concoction for $22 on the Nordstrom website. It's available in both a roller ball and the refill bottle, so you can use as much as you'd like all summer long.

The product is not necessarily branded as a hair product though. According to the description, it's "a lightweight oil designed to be massaged into sore, achy muscles to help reduce tension and deliver cooling refreshment to your skin and sense." But it's the ingredients — notably peppermint — that makes this a multi-tasker. The product also has ingredients like sunflower and chamomile oil.

Although Van Ness does name this as his go-to product, the roller ball get mixed reviews on the Nordstrom website. Some people say that they've been using it for years and others are "so disappointed" by it. Maybe it's because they're using it for pain and not to just cool down.

There is at least one person who uses it to cool down, besides Van Ness. According to the review section of the website, Auroragirl3399 uses it on the back of her neck to cool down and gave it a five-start review. Bottom line: products are not always great for what they claim to be used for. This little roller ball is proof of that.

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If you're looking to take Van Ness' advice, but don't want to risk disliking the product, there's still a way to nail the trend. You can actually make your own rollerball of peppermint of spearmint to roll on your neck. After all, the Queer Eye stylist already told you the secret ingredient.

All you have to do is buy your own rollerballs, buy your minty oil of choice, and add a little grapeseed oil. The trick to using essential oils is that you don't want to add it directly to skin, since it can burn skin. Just fill the roller ball a little more than half with grapeseed oil, add 5-7 drop of your oil of choice, and shake. Then you can add it right to the back of your neck when you're ready to blow dry your hair.

You can get the roller balls on Amazon, in case you're wondering. They range in price and color, but you can find some for as little as $7.99. The oils is a tad bit more expensive. The key is to look for one that is approved for using on the skin, like this one from Thrive Market.

There you have it, my friends. The Queer Eye men are saving the day — and your summer — once again.