The 'BiP' Cast Was Worried About One Thing Only After Jordan & Christian's Fight

Within the first five minutes of Monday night's episode Jordan and Christian's fight on Bachelor in Paradise set a very intense tone for Week 3. In an effort to stand up for his pal Clay, Jordan confronted Christian about stealing time with Nicole, Clay and Christian's mutual interest on the beach. And well, he took things a little too far. OK, actually it was way too far — and it's not the first time he's started a fight on the beach.

To recap last week's cliffhanger, Clay wanted to have a word with Nicole before the night's rose ceremony. Given her new interest in Christian, he knew there was a possibility of him not getting her rose. After attempting to politely steal her away for a moment and getting rudely rejected by Christian, he regressed and went back to the rest of the group, where Jordan caught wind of the situation and decided to take matters into his own hands. Things escalated quickly, and after ripping Christian's piñata from its hanging, Jordan body slammed him to the ground. Producers quickly became involved and had to keep Christian from charging Jordan in retaliation.

The other contestants were quick to be angry with Jordan, knowing he could've caused a total Paradise shutdown. “There’s no way all of us are gonna feel safe with them around," Katie said. "The two of them need to leave. They’re out of control.”

Jordan became especially untrustworthy because the incident was eerily similar to one that went down last season. “Jordan, he did a similar thing with David," Chris said. "The bear.” Well, it was actually a stuffed dog that he threw into the ocean in retaliation to David's affection for Jenna, but Chris got the right idea. And so did Mike:

Ultimately, the producers pulled both Jordan and Christian aside and informed them that they would be kicked out of Paradise. Christian wore a sling and an icepack on his shoulder. They both said they understood, and the rest were relieved.

“Your safety is of the utmost importance,” Chris Harrison said. He went on to say that the show has a "zero tolerance policy" for what happened.

Nicole said she wanted someone to be "aggressive" in showing their love for her, but after the fight went down, she quickly backpedaled. She didn't mean it that literally. "I just got scared. I don't want anyone to get hurt," she said. "That's the last thing I came here for." The silver lining? It made her finally realize her true feelings for Clay. “Tonight made me realize how much I cared for him," she said.

No one anticipated the night turning out the way it did, but it worked out in Clay's favor. He was able to be there for Nicole and they really locked in their feelings for one another. He told her he really wanted to see where things go with them as a couple, and Nicole agreed. He also called her "a better Jennifer Lopez." So, to no one's surprise, he received her rose. May J-Lo's glowing energy guide them through the rest of Paradise, together.