There's A Coup In Motion On 'BB19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The first month and a half of Big Brother 19 could've just been called The Paul Season. He's been running the house since the very first week of the show, but it looks like his rule over the house could finally come to an end. While Cody and Jessica have dedicated most of their energy to trying to evict Paul, it turned out to be Josh who took the first steps in defiance of this unstoppable Big Brother juggernaut. Josh and Christmas are plotting against Paul on Big Brother 19.

If only Josh was planning to betray Paul's plans, it would be far too presumptive to assume the rest of the house would agreed with him. But Josh didn't come up with the plan to disobey Paul on his own. One of his biggest conspirators in the plan was also one of Paul's closest teammates. While Paul may have expected Josh to follow his instructions perfectly, Christmas encouraged Josh to forge his own path and make the most of his HOH. While Paul is still safe in the house, this could be the first step towards the veteran houseguest's decline. Will Josh and Christmas turning against him be enough to tear down this BB powerhouse? Big Brother fans on Twitter are excited by the prospect of Paul no longer being in power.

While Paul has had an easy time keeping his enemies Cody and Jessica out of power, he may have a much more difficult time going up against Christmas. While Paul has been loud and proud about running the house since the beginning, Christmas has been watching from afar. It seems that she's finally ready to make a move and possibly work with others to take down Paul. Christmas' leg injury may have affected her ability to play in physical competitions, but it's clear that she still has the ability to make some bold moves in Big Brother.