Josh & Naomi Bunch Are 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' BFFs

by Allie Gemmill
Scott Everett White/The CW

It would seem that all is happy in Josh and Rebecca's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend world now that they're finally together. But is it? Their respective insecurities bubbled up on Friday night's episode thanks to Josh's newfound friendship with Naomi Bunch, Rebecca's mother. Josh's worries over trying to make the one stable relationship in his life go well somehow transformed his initially awkward meeting with Naomi into a budding friendship. But is his friendliness with the typically cold and passive-aggressive Naomi going to sour his relationship with Rebecca?

Josh is basically a mess right now. Then again, so is Rebecca. So maybe it's a match made in heaven, since they're both weirdly tip-toeing around their issues in order to pretends fate has happily brought them together? Right? No? I know, I give up. This is weird for me to watch, too. Because as Heather rightfully pointed out at the beginning of the episode, Josh and Rebecca were definitely covering up their relationship insecurities with tons of social media posts and "I love you"s. You could see the doom coming from a mile away.

Josh is dead set on making things work with Rebecca this time around. He and Rebecca were convinced their relationship problems were a thing of the past (oh, how wrong they were). Knowing that he and Rebecca were returning to Rebecca's hometown for her cousin's bar mitzvah, Josh was determined to make a good impression on her mother. That, he believed, would make for smoother sailing with Rebecca and ease his worries that he was running away from his problems by defining himself in terms of this new relationship.

Scott Everett White/The CW

Despite getting off on a very awkward foot with Naomi — who greeted Josh and Rebecca in her underwear and referred to Josh by a racially-charged name — Josh managed to worm his way into Naomi's good graces. Soon, they were laughing and joking around like the best of friends. His worries were assuaged; Rebecca's were enhanced.

Rebecca was sufficiently creeped out that Naomi has weaseled her way so deeply into Josh's affections. Being with Josh was meant to let her Band-Aid over her problems and ignore them, not make them worse. But seeing Josh get along so quickly and lovingly with the woman who has consistently ignored her feelings and existence her entire life sent Rebecca over the edge.

Scott Everett White/The CW

While it was great to see Josh making headway with Naomi, this fast friendship of theirs only served to widen the growing rift between he and Rebecca. For a newly-formed relationship, that's not a good thing in the slightest. Will Naomi's friendship with Josh prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back? Or will Josh and Rebecca get through this rough patch in their honeymoon period, as that surprise engagement at the end of the episode would indicate?

Oh boy, I sense trouble straight ahead.