This French Fry Purse Is $5,695, But Ketchup Will Cost You Extra

The fashion world is filled with bizarre trends. There's been everything from clear jeans to thong-cut denim pants, but this latest one is the best trend of them all. As The Cut found, Judith Leiber created a $5,600 crystal-studded french fry clutch that dreams are made of. That's a whole lot more money than a trip to the drive thru, my friends. But don't worry, there are plenty of other less-sparkly lookalikes that don't cost a super-sized budget.

If I had it my way, I would carry a box of french fries wherever I went. Thanks to designer Judith Leiber, my dream accessory just got a lot more acceptable. The brand is known for its bedazzled cupcake clutches and other heavily embellished handbags, but their Crystal Rainbow French Fries Clutch could just be their best yet.

The design is, well, a carton of french friends with a rainbow where the typical logo would go. Unlike the drive thru inspiration, this one is covered with Swarovski crystal trim and is covered in brightly colored crystals. The only downside is that it $5,696, which equals approximately 3,3013 large McDonalds fries.

While it can carry lots of ketchup packets inside, those will cost you extra. What doesn't cost extra is the dust bag, authenticity card, and weird stares that you will get as you walk down the street.

Judith Leiber Couture Crystal Rainbow French Fries Clutch, $5,695, Saks Fifth Avenue

This is not the designers first time around the deliciously preserved food bags, either. Leiber has created everything from crystal-covered candy pill boxes to rainbow cupcake handbags. She's also mastered other inanimate objects, like cameras, lipstick, and even a French Bulldog.

All of the designs are between $500 to $6,000, which is high-end to say the least. Thankfully, there are other french fry accessories out there that cost the same as your fast food bill. Because you deserve to have it all — quirky accessories and, you know, a savings account.

1. B4 Guys Crossbody

Circus by Sam EdelmanFries B4 Guys Crossbody Bag, $16, 6pm

This bag might be a little less sparkly, but it's just as fun. It even says "b4 guys" on the back, so you can remember the real priorities in life.

2. Namebrand Knockoff

SportFX Fries Bag, $8, Sports Direct

You can probably already guess what the inspiration for this bag was. This design combines the most popular brand of fries with wearability. Not to mention it has enough room to store a super-sized real-life snack.

3. Bedazzled Mini

Bow And Drape French Fry Embellished Mini Pouch, $24, Bow And Drape

If you're looking for something with a little sparkle, this pouch is the one for you. It might not shine as bright as Swarovski, but it does the job.

4. 3D Clutch

French Fry Handbag, $26, Bags For Her

This clutch has major points for its' realistic factor. There's nothing abstract about this accessory. Everyone will know what you're ordering for lunch.

5. Sequined Clip-On

VIOLET RAY French Fry Bag Charm, $10, Tillys

Not ready to fully embrace your love of fries? This is the perfect way to ease into fast food fashion. The sequins give a shine-factor, while not being too obnoxious.

6. Designer Fries

Gelareh Mizrahi “Would You Like Fries With That” Clutch, $595, Barneys

This high-end purse doesn't seem like such a splurge after you see the Leiber one. Although it will cost you a pretty penny.

7. Cheese Topped

Shake Shack Cheese Fry Purse, $214, Etsy

Looking for a little extra? This cheese-topped bag is probably more your style.

No matter which one you choose, your love of fries will be clear. Some people wear their significant others' initials around their neck. Others have a different sartorial way to share their one true love.