Fans Want Dylan Sprouse To Play Jughead's Sister On 'Riverdale' & No, It Doesn't Make Sense

The CW/Katie Yu; MojojoJoycee/Twitter

As if there wasn't enough drama going on in the fictional town of Riverdale, two more characters are being thrown into the mix. Naturally, fans live for the chaos and can't wait to meet Jughead's mom and sister Jellybean. According to TVLine, the mysterious characters are on the way, leaving fans to discuss what Jughead's family will be like and how their presence will shift the dynamic.

Although it's uncertain when Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) unnamed mom and sister will appear on the series, an executive producer promised to TVLive that "they're coming." With Monday's news that The CW renewed Riverdale for Season 3, it's unclear whether or not these characters will appear in the remainder of Season 2 or the upcoming third season. But either way, their addition totally makes sense for a few reasons. One is that Jellybean has been referenced to multiple times this season (which a fan pointed out on Twitter). Also, Jughead's dad F.P. (Skeet Ulrich) recently revealed that Veronica's dad Hiram (Mark Consuelos) bribed him for an apartment that would be big enough to fit his whole family.

But until they actually arrive, invested fans have a lot to think about. What will Jellybean be like? What will she look like? Will she be as deep and brooding as Jughead? And will Jughead's mom throw a wrench in the Alice and F.P. ship?

The CW/Katie Yu

When it comes to the introduction of Jellybean, fans seem to be on the same page about feeling excited to finally meet the character. It may or may not be a breath of fresh air from the drama that Betty's siblings Polly and Chic brought to Riverdale. (But that's wishful thinking.) What they're split on, however, is who will play Jughead's sibling. One fan on Twitter said The Conjuring's Joey King would be a great fit for Jellybean. A handful of fans have brought another possibility to the table: Sprouse's real-life brother and former Suite Life of Zack and Cody co-star Dylan Sprouse.

Some fans are really pulling for this to happen:

Others aren't quite seeing the vision:

Coincidentally, Cole recently spoke about separating from his brother on camera at LA's PaleyFest. "It's nice," he told Extra. "We eventually started playing different roles... I think it's kind of the natural trajectory. But also we don't really look as similar anymore, the gimmick is not really a good sell," he said about his real-life twin. They still look similar enough to play siblings on TV, although how would Dylan play Jughead's sister (who fans have seen throwback photos of)? Unless there's a plot twist and he'd be another Jones sibling? TBD.

And of course, the return of Jughead's estranged mom might throw a wrench in the Alice and F.P. romance that fans are living for. Ulrich recently teased the relationship and told Elle that anything could happen with the unexpected ship. "There’s definitely heat between the two of them, and there’s a definite history between the two of them," the actor said. "Whether anything happens going forward is anybody’s guess. I think there’s a lot to consider in that relationship and it’s something we talk about in terms of the timeline... both of them are married."

If this interrupts F.P. and Alice's (Mädchen Amick) romance, fans will lose it because they are loving the Falice ship.

Meanwhile, the show creatives have remained hush about any casting news for the Jones family. While fans plant the seed for Dylan Sprouse to play Cole's on-screen sibling, Ulrich has an idea for F.P.'s wife: his Scream and The Craft co-star Neve Campbell. The addition would certainly bring things full circle for both actors, and Ulrich told TVLine her presence on the show would be "interesting [and] intriguing." But like he said, the future for these character's is anybody's guess, and until more is revealed, fans will certainly keep on guessing.