Julie Andrews Is Launching A Kids Podcast, But Adults Could Learn A Few Lessons Too

Isabel Infantes - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Few voices are quite so identifiable as the smooth, perfectly pronounced tones of Julie Andrews. The star's prowess as both a singer and actor have cemented her in the history books as one of the world's most beloved and celebrated performers. Needless to say, news of her latest project is a bit too much to handle and grab the tissues because Julie Andrews' new children's book podcast is live.

Episode one of the hotly anticipated podcast, Julie's Library, in which Andrews reads stories to children kicks off with an important lesson to the tiny people in our lives — appearances aren't everything. The first kids' book she's reading is Marilyn's Monster. "What if monsters weren't scary at all, but instead made fantastic friends?", the description reads. "Today's book helps us imagine a world where every child has a special monster friend."

The brand spanking new show comes from Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, who is an expert in the field of children's literature. Not only is Walton Hamilton a successful children's author but she also teaches online programmes for aspiring writers and is director of the Southampton Children's Literature and YAWP, the Young Artists & Writers Project.

This foray into the podcasting world is the most exciting Andrews based news since her return to acting after a hiatus relating to damaging her vocal chords, as reported by People. Her return was an absolute smash hit of course, in the wonderful The Princess Diaries. Luckily though, Marilyn's Monster doesn't eyebrow/hair shame anyone. You looked perfect just as you were Mia Thermopolis!

Andrews isn't the only universally beloved superstar who's getting involved with reading children stories. Dolly Parton has been supplying the world (because let's be honest, I'm an adult and have been tuning in) with bedtime stories called Goodnight With Dolly on Parton's Imagination Library Youtube channel.

If videos aren't your thing and you came here for podcasts might I highly recommend Dolly Parton's America which is an utter treat for all of the senses.

Julie's Library is available where you get your podcasts and is definitely about to be your favourite new bedtime listening.

Listen to Julie's Library here.