Junot Diaz And 'Boston Review' Want You To Send Them Your Best Dystopian Writing

Pulitzer Prize winning Dominican American writer Junot Díaz is looking for your fictional and non-fictional "global dystopias" in a special call for submissions from the Boston Review. It's timely, given the prevalence of dystopian writing in the online mediascape.

In discussion with BR Associate Editor Avni Majithia-Sejpal, Díaz, who is also BR's Fiction Editor, speaks about his motivations behind this call for submissions.

Díaz's call for submissions goes beyond 'dystopia,' with the added caveat that it be global. This is a particularly important note, and he explains why:

The call for submissions will be open until May 1st, 2017. They're looking for essays, interviews, and fiction under the theme of global dystopias. Submissions are open to explore, but are not limited to: Afrofuturism, Climate Change, The War on Terror, Gendered Violence, and The Future of Females.

For more information, check out the Boston Review.