How This Live Feed Blowout Could Have Changed The ‘Big Brother 20’ Game Completely


Big Brother 20 may go down as the Summer of Kaitlyn, as this sage-loving houseguest has been a constant source of drama and entertainment while in the house this season. Kaitlyn's Big Brother live feed fight with Brett is the game's first major blow-out, indicating that just because Kaitlyn is no longer making game-changing moves, that does not mean she's willing to be ignored.

In hearing Kaitlyn talk about herself, it sounds like she believes she has the most power in the house and is revolutionizing Big Brother with her gameplay. That's not the case, but her confidence in her own game makes her comfortable enough to call out Brett in front of the entire house, taking away attention that may have been paid to Rachel's birthday and placing it firmly back on herself.

The roots of the confrontation were a conversation between Kaitlyn and Scottie about his targets for his HOH week. Scottie revealed to Kaitlyn that Brett and Winston had tried to encourage Scottie to put up Kaitlyn should a POV be used, citing that she was responsible for getting Swaggy evicted from the house. Scottie shared this information with Kaitlyn, and she did not take kindly to hearing that she'd been thrown under the bus.

For presenting herself as the Big Brother expert on all things zen, Kaitlyn quickly plummeted to becoming the least zen person in the house. She took to the balcony and asked Brett to "tell [her] what's up" multiple times. Kaitlyn then asked, "Aren't we supposed to be friends?" and responded to the fact that she had apparently been betrayed by Brett and Winston. Brett disputed that he had acted in bad faith, explaining that his conversation with Scottie happened after he heard that Kaitlyn was trying to get him evicted.

It was a complicated fight even for those involved, as they had to compare their own personal ideas of the "truth" with each other's — not to mention the rest of houseguests'. Kaitlyn isn't wrong in any way when it comes to the fight, but the fact that Brett came off as cool and collected, while Kaitlyn got upset did not look great for her, no matter how things looked through Kaitlyn's third eye. However, the fact that Brett was involved in the fight could be the inciting incident that turns Kaitlyn — and possibly some of the other members of the house — to evict him instead of Winston.

Following the verbal altercation, Kaitlyn stormed outside to try and collect herself, all the while keeping track of who was and wasn't coming out to the backyard to check on her. While she was outside, some of her allies — Tyler and Fayshal among them — informed her that confronting the guys so aggressively was not the right choice, and would possibly encourage others to send her out of the house. Ironically, at one point in the evening she told herself that her boyfriend would see her actions and think "that's my girl." However, she's referring to the boyfriend who might not be her boyfriend anymore — which indicates that she has lost perspective on events that are happening both inside and outside the house.

Caught in the middle of all this is Rachel, who had the misfortune of having her 30th birthday celebration derailed by Kaitlyn's confrontation. While the fight likely didn't do Brett or Winston any favors since Scottie is adamant on making sure they leave the house, Kaitlyn has announced herself as someone who can be socially harmful to anyone that gets in her way. While it may seem like a candle that burns as bright as Kaitlyn does is destined to burn out quickly, let's not be too quick to forget that Big Brother 19's winner, Josh, had some similar tendencies when it came to confrontation and hot-headedness.

This fight is only a taste of what a summer with Kaitlyn still has to offer Big Brother fans, and her continuing drama could help make BB20 one of the most entertaining seasons of the series ever.