Kanye West Makes A Really Good Easter Bunny

by Nicole Pomarico
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2016 may have been a really rough year for the Kardashians, but 2017 seems to have been pretty good to them so far, and the way they celebrate the holidays is proof. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian shared photos of her family on Easter, and even though Kanye West's bunny costume is just a bit horrifying, it's great to see them so happy. And, as always, her kids couldn't possibly be any cuter, so that's definitely a bonus.

I had a feeling this would happen, since West dressed up as the Easter Bunny last year, too, along with Tyga, so it seems like this has become an annual tradition for their family. Not only did Kardashian share photos of West with the kids (and in a selfie with her) in his white bunny suit, but she also posted a really sweet pic on Instagram of her and West with North and Saint, all in their Easter best.

They basically look like they're supposed to be in a catalog, except this is Kardashian and West and they look this gorgeous even when they're just celebrating a holiday with their kids. Even though North and Saint seem to be taking a more serious approach to this photo, it seems like their parents are pretty happy.

Surprisingly enough, North reserved her adorable grin for when West was on bunny duty. Lots of kids won't go within ten feet of a giant rabbit, but not only does North seem totally OK with it, she looks downright delighted — and she's also flawlessly channeling Princess Jasmine in that jumpsuit.

And West wasn't the only one getting his bunny on that day. Kardashian got in on the action too.

So far this season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, life has been in a really dark spot for their family. In recent weeks, the episodes have addressed serious, life changing topics like Kardashian's robbery and inability to carry another child, along with West's hospitalization for exhaustion. Of course, those episodes were filmed months ago, but it's great to see that this couple seems to have come out on the other side, happy and healthy in real time.

West's costume might be a little terrifying, but if his kiddos are loving it, that's all that matters. Hopefully, more happiness is on the way for these two. They deserve it!