Kanye’s Reportedly Making Music On A Mountain

by Kristie Rohwedder
Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West has reportedly gone to the Cowboy State for some rest, relaxation, and writing. According to TMZ, West is currently working on a new album in Wyoming. Er, to quote TMZ, he is apparently “holed up in a Wyoming retreat at the top of a mountain to find his inspiration.” Well, that sure sounds like a dream. TMZ added that the “All of the Lights” rapper has been there twice in the last few weeks. Again, I can’t blame Ye; Wyoming is a majestic place.

Now, when I first heard West has decided to mine Wyoming for creativity diamonds, a single question crept into my brain: Will American bison be part of the album?

A few things to consider:

  • The American bison is the state mammal of Wyoming.
  • The American bison is the star of the Wyoming state flag.
  • And as of 2016, the American bison is the national mammal.
  • The American bison is a big deal.
  • Some might say the American bison pops a wheelie on the Zeitgeist.
  • Additionally, the American bison’s grunt is great.
  • Seriously, listen to this. Just fantastic.
  • Maybe my googling fell short, but I cannot find any pop songs that feature the grunt of an American bison.
  • If West sprinkled some guttural American bison brays throughout his album, it could be something fresh and cool.
  • I mean, whatever he does will be fresh and cool (we’re talking about Yeezus here), but can you imagine an Auto-Tuned bison grunt?

Yep, one of the most talented and envelope-pushing musicians of our time is reportedly toiling away at a new album atop a mountain in Wyoming, and I am over here listening to the call of the bison.

Clearly, my priorities do not need recalibration.