If Karamo Wasn't On 'Queer Eye' Right Now, Here's What His *Other* Dream Job Would Be

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Queer Eye's resident culture expert may one day trade in his Bobby-approved digs for the White House, if his recent comments are any indication. As he said in a new interview with LinkedIn, Queer Eye's Karamo Brown is interested in politics and he's thought about running for office in the future. Honestly, President Karamo Brown does have a nice ring to it.

If he wasn't already the star of one of Netflix's hottest shows, Brown might turn his sights onto another passion of his: politics. That doesn't mean he doesn't love his television career, though. He said, "So, I do love TV. I love it with all my heart and ironically TV was my second dream job." But if there was something else that he could do, he would turn to his other passion. The reality star said during the video interview:

"Going from social services to this… but now that I’m in television and I’m succeeding and it, I think my second dream job that I’ve always played and toyed with is the idea of politics. I love politics and I’ve always thought about running for office one day."

Brown certainly has the experience to back up his passion for politics. He went on to say that he's spent time with both Barack Obama's administration and Donald Trump's current administration. He continued, "I’ve spent time at the U.N. and the more I get into these environments and I learn more and see the power of uniting people though legislation, it excites me.”

As he mentioned, Brown is no stranger to the political sphere. In an interview with Parents.com, the culture expert described his past as a social worker and his contributions to different policies under the Obama administration. He explained he had a multitude of jobs over the years, including as a producer for the OWN Show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The Queer Eye star also served as a social worker for some time, as he was adopting his second son, Chris (who is the half-brother of his older son, Jason). The publication noted that his passion for helping those closest to him translated into a desire to help others as well.

According to Parents.com, Brown helped to create policy and legislation to support LGBT youth and their allies during after school hours under the Obama administration in 2016. More recently, the reality star also visited the current administration, as he spoke about in an interview with the rest of the Queer Eye cast for Vulture. He visited Karen Pence's office, along with a group of actors, in order to discuss access to the arts. "It was phenomenal to be able to go in there and discuss arts, but also to speak about LGBT issues," he said. Brown also explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he had a conversation with her staff, in which they said that she supports the arts, something he said, "gave me a glimmer of hope."

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Of course, considering Karen Pence husband's stance on gay marriage and LGBT rights, it was an especially interesting visit for Brown to go on. And the outing had one member of the Fab Five, in particular, side-eyeing him. Jonathan Van Ness joked during his costar's statement, "She's our biggest fan, she watches us every night. Her and Dad like to watch it every night in their modesty outfits, but they watch it completely separated because it's improper to look at each other face to face while you watch gay men."

Based on all of his extensive work and dedication to social issues, it really does seem as though Brown is very much interested in the political world. And considering these new comments, it's possible you could see the Queer Eye star's name on your ballots sometime in the future.