Kat Von D Teased A Potential New Product & The Internet Approves

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's a lot of "stuff" happening with Kat Von D Beauty. The brand is launching Everlasting Lip Liners and may be formulating another version of the beloved Trooper liquid eyeliner. KVDB also launched a YouTube channel with tutorials (and more) from the Artistry Collective. But Kat Von D just teased a potential product that she is testing and Kat Von D-evotees are already going nuts. It's an outrageously bright and unforgettable product. But the Internet and edgy makeupistas certainly approve.

The product in question is a neon green, loose powder pigment that Von D is currently testing. It could be another brand's product. It could be an idea she's toying with or a prototype for her brand. Whether or not it's eventually produced and sold is TBD. So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

But judging from the fan reaction to the selfie that the makeup guru and celeb tattoo artist posted on her personal Instagram, featuring one eye smudged in black and the other emboldened by that epic, slime green shade, this is a product they want to try and buy.

There's no better way to take the temperature regarding customers' needs and wants than via a social media teaser post, right?

Have a look at Kat Von D test-driving the neon green pressed pigment or a "wash of dayglo," as she deemed it. It's bright AF.

Now that's what I call two-toned! She mixed a little neon with her "basics." The listing of products will allow you to recreate the look. Von D and her brand are committed to being vegan and cruelty-free, with the fearless leader herself being the tester of products!

Here is a sampling of the Instagram comments. Fans are feeling dat green.

The Internet approves!

Kat Von D-evotees really hope that the brand creates and sells this product. We shall see.

More fan reactions!

Feel the love for this green tease.

In the meantime, KVD-evotees can look forward to some new packaging.

The long-lasting, comfy Everlasting Lip Liners are coming, too.

A fresh batch of Studded Kiss lippies is also on the horizon. We have plenty of thrilling and unconventional products and shades to look forward to in the meantime. Will the neon green pigment ever come to fruition as a KVDB product? We shall see.