Kat Von D Teases Vegan Shoe Line That Fans Of Her Beauty Brand Will Love — VIDEO

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The phrase "diversify your investment portfolio" has never been exactly sexy, but then again, Kat Von D isn't usually involved. According to her latest Instagram shot, the lipstick (and highlighter, and foundation, really all makeup) aficionado posted about a ~new road~ she's heading down, and only an IRL soothsayer could have predicted this one. Although in retrospect, all the signs were there — we just didn't know what to look for. Kat Von D is launching a vegan shoe line, aka our shoes are about to be as slick as our lips.

To quote the iconic: "Oh my god... shoes." Via her Instagram, Von D announced that she had "finally turned in all the content for my #vegan shoe line I plan on launching this year! Now maybe my office can go from looking like a serial [shoe] killer's place back to normal." The video shows Von D flexing her tattoo artist skills on a whole new endeavor, sketching a line of exuberant, avant-garde shoes — think John Fluevog gone Gothic, plus spiderweb — one of the illustrations is literally titled "Spider Web."

For Von D followers, this is sure to be a hit, especially as an extension of the aesthetic and principles fans already know and love. The intricate, curling look of her upcoming Saint and Sinner perfumes shares the shoes' design DNA, so if you go for broke (potentially literally, no word on pricing) the Instas will certainly pay off in likes.

Von D's commitment to veganism is no side issue — throwback to when she reformulated her entire line to fit the lifestyle — so the caveat is no surprise. As to what said vegans, and everyone else, can expect, Von D's Instagram gives a few clues.

Von D posted these rubber platforms by Natacha Marro a week ago, and similar silhouettes make an appearance in the video. Click over to Marro's page, and she writes that they were bespoke for Von D, so perhaps she could potentially have a hand in the line, or serve as inspiration.

Other designs pictured in her sketches include a buckled platform shoe and low cut heels with a large, flowing bow. There's also no word on a release date, but if Von D's shoes are anywhere near as fab as they look in the sketches, well... start saving on your mark, get set, go. Will they come with this tiny charm (that definitely should've tipped us off that something was in the works)?

We don't know for sure, but a woman can dream, right?