Kat Von D's Newest Lipstick Shade Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before

Out with the old, in with the new 'n' improved. Kat Von D is revamping her Studded Kiss lipstick range, and the new shades will have you shook. Especially one unexpected hue that's actually a makeup essential. The first brand new Kat Von D Studded Lipstick shade is called White Out — and it's exactly what its name says it is. It's a wintry shade, packaged in an a matching white tube.

A white lippie is awesomely unexpected, even though Kat Von D Beauty does offer its beloved Lock-It Concealer Creme in a shade dubbed "White Out."

The Studded Kiss lippies come in all sorts of unusual and adventurous shades. And while Kat Von D is an edgy brand that traffics in lots of black, a stark white lipstick furthers the brand's bold and rule-breaking aesthetic in a fresh way.

The sneak peek of White Out looks like the screen grab of a KVDB Insta story posted by a beauty news Instagram account. The caption notes that the Studded Kiss lippies will now boast a creme formula. There were other swatches of black, green, and gray shades, as well.

Kat Von D-evotees are excited — and perhaps even a little anxious — about the Studded Kiss refresh. Kat Von D products have earned fierce loyalty, thanks to the inclusivity of shades, formulas that don't budge, frequent new launches, and quality products. Anytime she tinkers with products, her customers are tempted to panic. But don't. KVDB is striving to make the Studded Kiss lippies better.

While previous Studded Kiss cases were black, with pyramid details, we are stoked to see the new components when Studded Kiss V 2.0 arrives in 2018.

For now, let's think about all the potential ways one can use White Out, since it's such a delightfully odd shade with serious versatility.

1. Ombré Lip

Instead of carefully applying a super dark, precise, and matte shade around a previously applied light shade in order to get the ombré lip, you can try this hack. Paint your pout with a dark color and then use White Out in the center to achieve an ombre effect. Forget about painstaking application. Achieve a center fade by dabbing White Out on your pout with your finger or a lip brush.

2. Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primers are the superheroes of makeup bases. You can use a nude primer as a base to which your cream or powder shadows will adhere. Or you can use a pigmented primer or one with sparkle to intensify your look and to make any shade it's paired with pop. Dabbing White Out on your lids with your finger — and buffing and blending so it doesn't melt or migrate — should help transform your fave eyeshadow. Just be sure to experiment with how White Out reacts with different formulas first.

3. Lipstick Lightener

You can lighten (and darken) a lipstick shade by layering it with other hues. If you want to tone down a red or hot pink lippie, apply White Out first and then swipe the brighter shade over top. Blot, rub lips together, and you'll achieve the desired look.

4. Halloween Makeup

If you consider Halloween the most important holiday of the calendar year and are already planning ahead for next year's costume, you may want to incorporate the White Out Studded Kiss into your look, provided it's shoppable at that time. If you are considering serving up skull-like looks, you're going to need a white lip shade, which you can use on multiple features.

That said, you can also use White Out as a bold af lipstick, since that's what it was intended to be. Just get ready to make a serious statement.