The Internet Is DIVIDED Over Kate Hudson's SAG Awards Look

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards is all about actors honoring actors, but of course, there's also a red carpet, and people love to see their favorite stars. One star, however, had the must see dress. The internet is divided over Kate Hudson's SAG Awards look, but hey, she's Kate Hudson. Can she really go wrong?

Kate Hudson walked the red carpet with her mother Goldie Hawn, and while they were obviously the coolest mother and daughter pair in attendance, Hudson's dress had people talking. Both Hudson and Hawn wore Valentino, and while Hawn's gown was paired down but beautiful in a stunning blue hue, Hudson went bold with her choice.

The Valentino gown featured a full lace collar that extended over her décolletage and met the scooped neck of her dress. As for the rest of her frock, it was ruffles all the way down. Not only did the black lace meet the pink, black heart-shaped polka dotted ruffle of the neckline, but the dotted pattern continued into an a-line silhouette that contained ruffle after ruffle after ruffle.

As for what she paired with it, she kept things minimal, and with such a statement making dress, the choice makes total sense. With her shorn, blonde pixie cut locks, a pair of earrings, and a clutch, Hudson rocked the carpet with conviction.

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Of course, Hudson's dress certainly won't be to everyone's taste, and for her fans, it may be a little outside of the box. The star typically errs toward the more boho meets cool girl side of fashion, but who doesn't love seeing their fave in something different?

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While from far away the pattern on the frock appears to be plain polka-dots, they're actually hearts, adding yet another layer to the look.

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Hudson also wore a plain black belt with the Valentino gown that accented her waistline and added another piece to the whole ensemble.

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With such a statement-making gown, Hudson appeared to keep her makeup simple. With a natural satin lip and pared down eye look, the dress definitely shown on the SAG Awards red carpet.

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How did people feel about the look? Well, reactions were certainly something.

Some didn't really know how to feel.

Some viewers needed a double take.

Some of the reactions weren't so kind, but they actually were kind of funny.

Meanwhile, some people didn't take issue with the dress itself, but the lace along Hudson's neck was just not doing it for them.

Some had some not so flattering comparisons for the gown.

But don't worry, the news wasn't all bad for Hudson. Some were happy to see Hudson on the red carpet, especially with her mom, Goldie Hawn.

Some viewers just straight out loved Hudson's SAGE look.

Some even thought it was fire.

Hey, no matter how much flack the dress got on Twitter, some didn't care. They adored it regardless.

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Whether you loved it, hated it, wanted to make some tweaks to it, or would prefer to just not talk about it at all, there were a lot of feelings about Hudson's Screen Actors Guild Awards dress, and isn't that kind of what you want anyway? After all, Hudson certainly doesn't need to evaluate her style's worth based on Twitter reactions.

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The one thing that is undeniable about Hudson's Valentino gown? It was her choice, and she rocked it. Walking with conviction and confidence on the carpet, she was hard to miss (and no, not just because of the dress). She was a presence, as she always is, and no matter what she wears, seeing this talented actor on the red carpet is always an occasion worth note.