Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Went To A Pre-Grammys Gala & The Photos Are So Cute

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As far as their long-rumored secret romance is concerned, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx might have just blown their cover. Though the illustrious pair has managed to keep any tidings of their rumored relationship mostly hush-hush over the past few years, their days of ambiguity might be coming to an end. During Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala Saturday night, Jan. 27, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted together, according to reports by several news outlets. A photo series shows the rumored couple making eyes at each other, mostly, while sitting side-by-side at a glitzy table during this year's Gala and it has the internet wondering if any inkling of confirmation regarding Holmes and Foxx's maybe-romance could be on the horizon.

According to a Jan. 28 report by People, Holmes showed up stag to Davis' star-studded yearly bash, making small talk with the guest list's stacked registrar of Hollywood personnel. Foxx reportedly arrived soon after, thus giving way to the proximate sequence of swoon-worthy snapshots that might (or might not) seal the deal on the rumored couple's potential love affair.

According to People, Holmes and Foxx were seated at the same table, but, perhaps in an attempt to fly under the radar, Holmes reportedly spent the better part of the evening elsewhere — either making the rounds of neighboring tables (and temporarily snagging their vacant seats) or leaving the room, entirely. Even if she only interacted with Foxx for a brief while, there are still plenty of photos chronicling each and every nuance of the duo's PDA.

Davis even called out Holmes, as People reported, during the ceremony. When the 85-year-old record producer mogul mounted the stage to introduce Foxx (and his long list of musical accomplishments) Saturday evening, Holmes — who, it seems, was next in line for an introduction — was nowhere to be found. "This lady left the room right when I was going to introduce her," Davis said, according to People's report. "She was sitting at that table right with Jamie Foxx and everyone else." And, with a conceivably knowing tenor, given the whispers that have circulated about potential sparks between them, Davis cracked, "If you're going to sit together, what better night than tonight?"

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After Davis' Pre-Grammys dinner, the photos — which picture Holmes cozying up to Foxx through a series of sweet, blushing snapshots — have gone viral. And, while neither Holmes nor Foxx have commented on the photos (or their suggested implications), some hopeful social media users are taking the mushy snaps as bona fide evidence that the two are indeed an item.

Fans on Twitter have been rooting for them

Public or not, this rumored couple is beloved.

Some fans even highly respect the couple's privacy

It's their business, right?

One fan prefers Holmes and Foxx to Joey and Dawson.

And that's saying something, because Joey (played by Holmes) and Dawson were one of Dawson's Creek's major couples when the TV show aired.

But, if there is any truth to the Holmes-Foxx dating rumors, it seems like Saturday night's "big reveal" has been a long time coming (especially considering how long this high-profile relationship under wraps). Because, while speculation about a potential romance between Holmes and Foxx has been buzzing since 2013, the rumored couple has somehow managed to keep the details of their personal relationship out of the spotlight. Well, mostly.

In March 2015, People first addressed the rumors, citing the testimonies of several anonymous sources who claimed that Holmes and Foxx had already been dating for more than a year. And while its leading source insisted that the relationship was pretty casual ("this is not some intense romance"), the two continued to glean periodic bouts of media attention over the years that followed. Still, despite a handful of public appearances fueling the romance fire (most recently, Holmes attended Foxx's 50th birthday celebration in Los Angeles this past December, as well as the opening of his Privé Revaux storefront in Manhattan a few weeks earlier), Holmes and Foxx have kept a pretty staunch tight-lip on the subject of their relationship.

And, if Holmes and Foxx's silence up until this point is any indication, perhaps these photos will only serve as the latest clue in a half-decade-long string of mostly-unconfirmed guesswork. After all, they didn't earn the title of "world's most elusive celebrity couple" for nothing.