Katy Perry Hilariously Beats Critics To The Punch

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

Apparently, Katy Perry ate some delicious quinoa before heading to the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Seems like a good decision, right? Quinoa is high in protein and dietary fiber, and not only did Perry attend the award show, but she also performed. You definitely don't want to go into an evening like that on an empty stomach! Well, unfortunately a little bit of quinoa got stuck in Perry's teeth (don't judge, it happens to all of us!), and in today's high quality photo obsessed world, even the smallest of details rarely go unnoticed, especially when it comes to celebrity red carpet photos. Instead of being embarrassed about the situation though, Perry reminded us all that she has absolutely no problem laughing at herself, and beat critics to the punch by posting a close-up pic of her pearly white red carpet faux pas to Instagram.

Late Sunday night/early Monday morning Perry regrammed a close-up photo of her teeth along with a humorous caption that read:

Currently taking applications for real friends who aren't afraid to tell me there's quinoa in my teeth.

Technically speaking, it doesn't quite seem like Perry needs "real friends," as much as a cell phone with a forward facing camera that she can use to check her teeth before a big event. The human eye can only see so much, and even a lifelong BFF might not notice minuscule quinoa remains.

Anyway, brace yourself for the photo...

Totally not that bad, am I right? OK sure, when you zoom in on just Perry's teeth you can easily spot the quinoa in question, but when you look at regular pics from the red carpet it's almost impossible to notice anything.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think Perry looked flawless, regardless of what anyone says. But major kudos to her for not letting a little residue from a nutritious pre-award show meal get her down. Sometimes poking a little fun at yourself makes it harder for someone else to criticize, so why not embrace the small imperfections with a joke on social media? I fully support.