Is This Tiny House The New Left Shark?

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone, Left Shark is back. That's right, Katy Perry's Brit Awards performance features a new Left Shark. While singing her new song, "Chained to the Rhythm," featuring Skip Marley, a bunch of background dancers dressed up as houses danced around them. Unfortunately, one house clearly couldn't see where it was going and fell right off the stage. That's right, the house took quite the tumble, which resulted in Twitter users calling the house the "new Left Shark."

First of all, here's hoping the house is OK and isn't seriously injured. As funny as it is to watch over and over again, it is quite the fall. Second, it's hard not to equate the falling house to Left Shark. For those who don't recall, during Perry's 2015 Super Bowl performance two sharks took the stage alongside her. Well, the one to the left of the singer quickly became famous due to its fumbling dance moves. At first, Left Shark didn't appear to have any idea what it was doing, but as choreographer RJ Durrell later revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in February 2015, Left Shark's lack of moves was all planned.

Unlike Left Shark's goofiness, I'm pretty sure the house falling off the Brit Awards stage wasn't supposed to happen. But it's understandable why people are comparing the two. Perry's performances always seem to bring some type of laugh or meme to the internet — and I thank her for it.

There Goes The House

Bye, New Left Shark.

It's Just Taking A Rest

Do you see it in the crowd?

This Can't Be Ignored

Feel free to call it "New Left Shark" or "Right House 2017."

Or You Can Call It This

"Drop House" is pretty good too.

They Might Be The Same Person

Is the falling house actually Left Shark?

It's The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For real.

The Best Gif Ever

It's hard to stop watching.

New Left Shark, I seriously hope you're OK.