Kelley's Relationship Contract To Bachelor Peter Will Give You Major Lara Jean Vibes

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Kelley Flanagan may no longer be on The Bachelor, but the former contestant is still taking the time to answer fan questions and divulge previously unknown details about Peter's season. In fact, during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Kelley revealed she wrote Peter a relationship contract on The Bachelor. Though, unfortunately, the footage of the scene was cut and never made it on the air.

"I wrote Peter a relationship contract in Chile!" Kelley responded to one fan when asked if there was anything that didn't air that she wished had been during her time on the show. "Tried to put some witty terms in there." It's unclear whether or not Kelley still has this supposed "contract" in her possession or what the exact wording of it was, but we can all pretty much agree that it's a downright shame that fans never got to see it.

After all, one of Peter's biggest concerns with Kelley was that she wasn't taking the experience seriously enough. So for her to have written up a contract about their relationship indicates that she was trying to go the extra mile and show him just how binding she wanted their future together to be.

Kelley Flanagan/Instagram

Not to mention that writing up a contract is actually the most fitting gesture Kelley could have made, considering that she's an attorney and that's kind of her thing. It may not have been an official legal document, but the underlying sentiment was there. And, it could have proved that she really had been trying to make it work with Peter, despite his own concerns on the matter. The end result may not have worked out in Kelley's favor, but kudos to her for trying.

Kelly wouldn't be the first person to create a relationship agreement with a handsome guy named Peter. Fans of Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before may notice the striking parallels to these two stories. Much like Kelley, Lara Jean thought it wise to write up a few ground rules about her relationship with Peter Kavinsky to help make sure they were on the same page. And while their relationship initially started out as being fake (unlike Kelley and Peter's), their romance is still going strong, which is more than can be said for this particular Bachelor duo.

Perhaps Kelley used this scene as inspiration for her own contract (and if that's the case, that makes us love her all the more). But either way, it was a sweet gesture for her to make, even if it didn't work out the way she wanted. At least one of these Peters knew a good thing when he saw it.