Kenan Thompson's New Show Will Give You Serious 'All That' Nostalgia

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All That may have gone off the air over a decade ago, but the show’s former cast members are still encouraging today’s kids to be hilarious. According to Variety, Kenan Thompson is creating a sketch comedy series called Skoogle with some fellow All That alums, and that alone should be enough to make all of your Nickelodeon nostalgia dreams come true.

The Saturday Night Live actor is reportedly joining forces with some fellow All That alums —Albie Hecht, Chief Content Officer of pocket.watch and development executive of All That, and Josh Server, another All That actor — to create the series, which will be aimed at children ages 6 through 11.

In a statement to Variety, Thompson said of the project,

“I’m excited to once again team up with Albie Hecht and work alongside his great new team at pocket.watch to bring ‘Skoogle’ to life. Having been a part of sketch-comedy shows throughout my career, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the show format that I love to an entirely new generation of kids.”

Like All That, Skoogle will be filmed in front of a live studio audience, and it'll also feature a cast of kids performing in sketches that satirize pretty much everything, like apps, social media, and more. Thompson is also reportedly set to star in the show as the voice of a digital assistant, similar to Siri or Alexa, to help the kids solve everyday problems. pocket.watch will begin shopping the show around to networks after production starts this fall.

Obviously this is major news, not just because of how much All That was loved by '90s kids, but also because the show launched the careers of some of the most famous faces to ever appear on Nickelodeon. Not to mention that plenty of the most memorable sketches from All That were those that Thompson was part of. So it's definitely exciting to see him to go back to his roots and do something outside of SNL that has so much potential to be a hit for the next generation.

Fingers crossed that this will be just as hilarious as All That was.