Kendall Jenner’s Response To Being Left Out Of Kris Jenner’s Mother’s Day IG Was Too Perfect

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While the world celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, many celebrities took to Instagram to mark the occasion, but one very famous mom's post stood out in particular — mostly because she forgot to include one of her daughters in it. Kendall Jenner's response to Kris Jenner leaving her out of her Mother's Day Instagram post was truly too perfect, because even though Kendall might not be a mom herself yet, she's definitely still a part of Kris' family.

It all started when Kris posted a collage of her daughters who happen to be mothers — Kylie Jenner and Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian. She wrote:

"Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful Moms out there, and to the women who are mentors and mother figures to someone special. To my amazing Mom MJ, I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for raising me to be strong and independent and for loving me the way you do. To my beautiful daughters who are moms, I am so proud of you girls and the mothers you have become.. my grandchildren are so blessed that God chose YOU to be their mommies.. I love you @Kourtneykardash @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @kyliejenner... you are my heart."

To be totally fair, it seems like Kris' post was only directed toward the moms in her family, and Kendall doesn't have kids — and Rob wasn't included either, since he is not a mother. But the way Kris ended her post, saying that Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim are her "heart" without mentioning her other kids at all? It makes sense that Kendall might be a little bummed to be left out of that part.

So of course Kendall commented on the post, injecting a little sarcasm into the situation, because what else is there to do at a time like this?


And Kendall did not acknowledge Kris in her Mother's Day post, instead choosing to share a photo of her grandmother, MJ, drinking a martini and looking classy as always.

Kendall did share a throwback photo of Kris on her Instagram Story, though...

kendalljenner/Instagram Story

Along with what is now the very iconic photo of Kris sipping on a cocktail and living her best life.

kendalljenner/Instagram Story

While it's true that Kendall is the only member of her family who doesn't have kids just yet, it seems like she's pretty happy that way. After all, back in April, she shared a family photo surrounded by her siblings and their kids, along with a meme about protecting yourself when pregnancy is in the air. For now, at least, it seems like Kendall's satisfied just doing her.

Although it's totally understandable that Kendall might be a little miffed she wasn't included in Kris' Mother's Day post at all, it's good to see that she had a good sense of humor about it. Maybe next year, Kris will see the light and at least acknowledge that she's a mother to all of her daughters... and if not, it seems safe to assume that we can count on Kendall to have the perfect comeback ready.