Kenya Finally Breaks Up With Matt On 'RHOA'

Charles Sykes/Bravo

What is it about some Real Housewives of Atlanta and terrible relationships this season? There's Cynthia and Phaedra, who are both going through divorces, Shereé realizing she should happily stay divorced, and Porsha making an ill-advised plan to get pregnant before even moving in with her new boyfriend. At least Kenya Moore broke up with Matt Jordan, finally. However, it was at the expense of the more interesting material going on right now, because Kenya, naturally, is relishing the chance to be offended at Phaedra's attack over the divorce party. At Cynthia's fashion show, which Frick & Frack did not attend, she rats out that Phaedra did not apologize for once again claiming that she broke up her marriage with Apollo.

But for some reason, Kenya then decides to go back to her relationship with Matt for drama? At first, the two tried to peacefully reconnect, but quickly, after Kenya refused to disclose enough of her flaws (so it seems), Matt storms off and paces around. The two argue for a while, but I'm going to be honest: this all continues to feel so fake. Sure, this is all about Kenya refusing to say sorry? But also, Kenya could have had Matt arrested for breaking her garage? Finally, with many fake tears, this relationship is over. And Matt certainly deserves to be placed on the cast of Empire (or at least Star) for his performance, but I'm just glad this is finally done. Bye Matt!

On Instagram, Kenya posted about the end of her tumultuous relationship. A simple black background highlighted the starkness of her quote: "I'm done." She did, however, elaborate in the caption, writing: "Watching myself tonight from 6 months ago... realizing my failures are my successes, my regrets are my lessons and my life is immensely blessed. I thank God everyday for my life. I wish you all love and happiness. We all deserve to be loved. Don't ever settle."

But the newly single Kenya may need to watch out. Unbeknownst to the Duchess of Twirl, Cynthia put on her best Wendy Williams wig and gets Phaedra on her couch to nail down: is her divorce finalized? After some hemming and hawing about it, Phaedra is finally willing to admit that yes, her divorce is final. After that tense moment, the two bond briefly over how weird it was that Kenya threw them a very presumptuous divorce-themed party. And when Cynthia, perhaps motivated by the technicolor dreamcoat she has on, suggests hosting a baptism, excited at the idea of calling Kenya a demon again, agrees. This sounds like a stunt waiting to happen, and it might send RHOA Season 9 out on a very un-blessed note.