Kesha Just Released A New Music Video With Powerful Message To Support DREAMers

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With the release of her album Rainbow last August, Kesha cemented herself as an advocate and a beacon of hope for people of all backgrounds. And with her new music video for "Hymn," Kesha is supporting DREAMers, through her partnership with the youth-led community United We Dream. The singer shared a Twitter thread about the organization and her new video, and her message is one of hope, even with the United States' uncertain future for immigrants.

In her tweets on Thursday, May 31, Kesha explained that she met United We Dream cofounder Cristina Jiménez at the Time 100 gala last month. "I was so moved by what she and her team are doing to empower immigrant youth in our country," Kesha tweeted. She wrote on Twitter,

"Even though DACA is scheduled to end, United We Dream has continued to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and helps DREAMers apply for protection. I am partnering up with United We Dream to shine a light on the organization, and I wanted to encourage anyone and everyone to donate even just a moment of your time to learn about what's going on with DACA, donate a dollar if you feel compelled, or simply be open to learning about what's happening to the people behind the statistics."

Kesha's reminder to keep the "people behind the statistics" in mind is an important one. It's easy to see headlines about things like DACA ending. But if you aren't experiencing the effects of immigration legislation personally, it can be hard to grasp how much is truly at stake for families affected by immigration laws. Listening to real people's stories is vital, as Kesha noted in a followup tweet.

Kesha explained in her tweets that she decided to dedicate "Hymn" to DREAMers, because she doesn't think young people should have "their families torn apart if they haven’t done anything wrong." Her song choice, in particular, is an apt one for the partnership with United We Dream, too. As Kesha pointed out on Twitter, there's a line in "Hymn" that says we are "dreamers searching for the truth."

Kesha encouraged her followers to donate to United We Dream if they were able, sharing a link for online donations. She also explained in her tweets that she made the video for "Hymn" in the past, but her meeting with Jiménez at the Time 100 Gala helped her realize that she wanted to release the video now, and to spotlight the organization.

It's not clear exactly what Kesha's partnership with United We Dream entails, but she's clearly dedicated to helping immigrants and their families. And as Billboard points out, this isn't the first time Kesha has used her star power for a good cause. She also included her video for "I Need a Woman" in the Universal Love project, an endeavor to compile inclusive wedding songs.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, protects people who entered the United States as undocumented children. President Trump announced his plan to end the program in September 2017, but a several court rulings, including one by the Supreme Court, has delayed DACA's end date. That means that for many immigrant families and young people, the future may be uncertain. (It's not just a partisan issue, either. As USA Today notes, DACA recipients protested outside the Democratic National Committee in March because the DREAM Act still hasn't passed.)

Kesha isn't the only celebrity who's shown support for DACA and its recipients. Selena Gomez defended DACA in September, and a number of celebrities, including Alyssa Milano and Gina Rodriguez, showed support for DREAMers in conjunction with the Women's March earlier this year. Whatever your political views are, it's important to listen to the experiences of those who are affected by the legislation, as Kesha points out.