Kettle Just Launched A WASABI RANCH Chip Flavor

Emma Lord/Bustle

If there were ever a time to be a ranch stan it is in 2019, when the ranch gods are smiling down upon us all. The latest blessing takes your beloved ranch and kicks up the volume a few notches: Kettle is releasing a Wasabi Ranch Krinkle Cut flavor that may just redefine how you think of ranch forever. Or, at the very least, how you approach all of the sides to your lunch sandwich forever.

The new flavor joins a ridiculously delicious lineup of preexisting Krinkle Cut flavors, but gets an extra leg up on all of them with the unexpected but delicious matrimony of creamy ranch and spicy wasabi. Kettle is selling them in its iconic 8.5-ounce bags for maximum chip enjoyment, and I assume so you can pretend you're going to "share" them when you bring them home and do anything but. The product is so new that it hasn't hit the Kettle Chips website yet, but per Kettle Chips, they will be available in stores this coming spring.

And truly, the bag alone is enough to make your mouth start watering — here's what you need to keep your eyes peeled for on shelves.

Emma Lord/Bustle

Bustle had a chance to taste test the Wasabi Ranch chips to get a sense of what the flavor combo actually tastes like — and, in particular, test to see how spicy it actually was. For perspective, I am a person whose tongue is so pathetic that I basically think air is spicy, and even at that level of weak I actually found these delicious. You get the creaminess of the ranch from the moment it hits your mouth, and then just the slightest tingle of the wasabi on the edges of your tongue. At the risk of offending 95 percent of the internet, I'm not really even a ~ranch~ person, if you will (my interests lie mainly in bread products, cake, and candy), but still found that these were some extremely next level snacking. The flavor isn't too overwhelming, and has just enough of a kick that it'll wake you up during that 3 p.m. weekday slump like whoa.

Because I have appointed myself the Vanna White of potato chips, here is a picture of them (so you can taste them with your eyes, I guess).

Emma Lord/Bustle

Another perk is that these babies are gluten-free, so if you have dietary restrictions in that realm then you, too, are free to take a bunch of these to the face in full view of your open office the way I just did.

If it seems like this isn't the first time your world has been rocked by a Krinkle Cut chip in recent times, that's probably because you were enamored, along with the rest of the internet, with the launch of Kettle's Dill Pickle flavor. All of this, of course, speaks to a much higher truth, which is that there is truly no limit to the amount of ranch- and pickle-flavored things we as consumers will demand on our shelves. And for good reason — the Wasabi Ranch is a game-changer. Keep an eye out for these on shelves in early spring.