Kevin Is Ready For 'Big Brother 19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

As Big Brother kicks off the summer TV season, viewers know what they can expect from the competition: the unexpected. And this cast is certainly up for the challenge. The new cast list features a range of ages, including Kevin Schlehuber, the oldest Big Brother 19 contestant. With a range of 20-somethings to 55-year-old Schlehuber, Big Brother 19 promises to be as interesting as its cast.

In all reality TV competitions, a show is only as good as the cast that accompanies it. For Big Brother, this necessity is heightened by the closed-in quarters that have made the show famous. With its mix of ages, the Big Brother 19 cast already has viewers wondering how the different competitions, alliances, and possible "showmances" will mix with the different age groups of the contestants.

The older Big Brother contestants aren't a new idea to the show, but often reality show competitions fall into the usual tropes of young professionals vying for fame to get more followers on social media. Usually, the older contestants don't have a brand that needs to be advertised and are usually just trying to win the game. And Big Brother fans know this could either be their downfall or an airtight strategy.

In the case of Kevin, his cast bio does illustrate a slight difference between his personality and that of his future Houseguests. According to his bio, Kevin stated that his strategy is "being myself, I think that will work every time." Obviously, this isn't the kind of talk viewers expect from those vying for the Big Brother grand prize — usually there's some sort of intentional deception involved.

The key to captivating television is variety and diversity among those on screen. Big Brother 19 promises the usual drama — face it, without the drama, we wouldn't watch — but the cast promises not only different ages, but also a fresh look at priorities as well.