This Mermaid Palette Supports A Very Fishy Cause

If you're a beauty lover who also happens to be obsessed with animals, then your two worlds are about to collide in the best possible way. KG Beauty's Mermaid Palette is a product with a cause: For every palette purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go towards an organization that help save injured seals and dolphins.

The nine eyeshadows in the palette come all have punny names, each identifying a gorgeous, deep sea-inspired shade. With options like "Tall Tails," which is a glittery pink and purple hue, or "Vitamin Sea," which is a dazzling cobalt, the color story being told here is perfect for those who like their look to be slightly fishy.

Here's the best part: According to PopSugar, from every 36 dollar palette ordered, the indie makeup company will donate a dollar to The Marine Mammal Center. "This nonprofit veterinary research hospital and educational center is based in Sausalito, CA, and is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of ill and injured marine mammals," PopSugar explained. The Center's mission is to advance global ocean conservation, and since their opening in 1975, they have rescued and treated over 20,000 animals.

So if you love animals and the ocean in particular, then buying this palette comes with a rad bonus — plus, look how gorgeous it is.

In addition to having a beautiful array of colors, the palette is cruelty-free, and as of right now you can pre-order it at KG Beauty and the shadows will ship in two to five weeks.

The actual box has a watercolor of a mermaid with pink and purple hair, and her tail blends from green to yellow — all of which are hues found in the palette. You get an array of shadows that are bold and playful, as well as soft and passable for every-day wear, giving you a little bit of everything.

"Moonbeam," for example, is a shimmering champagne hue, while "Kelp" is an on-trend olive color. But then you also have colors like "Call Me On My Shell Phone" which is a striking purple, and "Sol" which is a burnt brown orange, reminiscent of the most striking corals.

If you're in the mood to wear the colors of the sea while supporting an excellent cause, then don't sleep on this palette. Your fine-finned friends (and your dope new eye makeup) will thank you.

Images: KG Beauty (3)