Kid Rock's Photo With Hillary Clinton's Portrait Is So Unnecessary

by Samantha Mendoza
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Wednesday, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and rock stars Ted Nugent and Kid Rock joined President Trump for dinner at the White House. To say the least, it was an unexpected, kind of random bunch. Things got even stranger when Palin, Nugent, and Kid Rock mocked a portrait of Hillary Clinton in the White House — and posted the evidence to social media.

After Trump dined with the unlikely trio and took them on a tour of the Oval Office, the three posed for photos in various offices throughout the building, and Palin posted a series of them on Facebook. "A great night at the White House," Palin said. "Thank you to President Trump for the invite!"

The problem is that one of those photos featured Palin, Kid Rock, and Nugent posing in front of a portrait of Clinton that hangs in the Cross Hall of the White House, along with portraits of every other former First Lady. In this extremely disrespectful gesture, Nugent is pictured with a thumb-back, "get outta here" gesture, while Palin points to the photo with a look of disapproval. Kid Rock stands there with his arms folded. Needless to say, this type of behavior is rarely seen within the walls of the most important residence in America.

The White House is typically seen as a place where partisanship is cast aside in order to work toward promoting the best interests of the American people. Controversial foreign leaders have discussed strengthening diplomatic ties behind its walls. Even Obama and Trump shook hands during a transition meeting in the historic building. But somehow, these three couldn't resist the opportunity to mock Clinton, who lost the presidential election to Trump in 2016.

This isn't the first time that Clinton has been mocked since Trump assumed the presidency. In fact, although she took some time to herself out of the public eye and refrained from making public statements or commenting on Trump's policies, the Trump Administration still managed to use her as a scapegoat. In February, Trump issued a series of tweets blaming the Clinton campaign for fabricating ties between Trump and Russia.

Using an official White House visit to intentionally mock a former presidential candidate and first lady is unnecessary and inappropriate, especially within the walls of the White House. Clinton announced in an interview with New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof in April that she is re-committing herself to working for the rights of Americans across the country. She has moved on from the election, and Palin, Kid Rock, and Nugent should do the same.