Kim Kardashian Got A French Manicure In 2019, So The '90s Are Officially Back

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Kim Kardashian grew up in the '90s so it's no surprise that the cosmetics and perfume maven, reality star, and fashion influencer just resurrected a totally '90s nail trend. Kim Kardashian rocked a classic '90s French tip manicure — you know, the thin, white-painted tips, a clear base with a pop of shine, and a defined, square shape. While Kardashian isn't known for a minimalist approach when it comes to her overall beauty routine, these nails are indeed minimal, really delicate, and just... pretty.

The French manicure has had many incarnations, iterations, and variations through the years. Reverse French, pink and white, and highly stylized tips are just a few of the French manis that I have personally witnessed through the years and while living in New Jersey.

However, many people I know view the French mani as basic, boring, and dated, especially in a day and age where nail art has become epic and dramatic. I'm looking at you, NailSunny and your Ramen noodle nails, among others.

That said, Kardashian may single-handedly — sorry, I had to — bring this mani style back into vogue.

KKW shared her fresh, low-maintenance manicure on her Insta story and her nails looked clean, chic, and crisp.

It was truly no-nonsense yet still stylish manicure — especially for a busy and entrepreneurial mom of three who happens to be a makeup and fragrance mogul that just dropped her very first red lipstick and who is dropping three new Valentine's Day fragrances this week.

It was almost like an anti-manicure manicure. Instead of a pink, beige, or cream base, Kim K.'s nails looked naked. The white tips were low key and not overly designed, which I like. The square shape is the most '90s thing about this mani, though. While squoval, super long, and coffin x almond shaped nails have come into prominence this decade and are favored by her little sister Kylie Jenner, the short, square shape that Kardashian displayed is decidedly '90s AF. As PEOPLE noted, Kardashian has confessed to preferring a square shape above all others.

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All of the elements of the mani are well-paired, from the glossy top coat to the thin white line to the shape. It's not as basic as you'd think, either. If she went with super long length, this mani might feel incredibly dated and prom-like. But it was just right.

It wouldn't surprise me if nail salons start seeing an uptick in asks for a simple French mani. I would deffo rock this look on my own nails.

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Kardashian has rocked plenty of '90s fashion and beauty trends in recent times. Again, that's understandable, as she was a child of the era and lived it. She loves a good choker with a cross pendant.

She also slays a brown-toned lipstick every once in a while. While she prefers a nude lip, she will switch it up and go '90s every now and again.

ICYMI: Here's KKW Beauty's debut red lippie.

Three new Kimoji Hearts scents are on deck and drop today, Jan 31. Go ahead and shop the launch. Then, maybe drop by your fave salon and have your nail tech outfit you with some fresh French tips, Kim K. style?