Kim & Kylie Delayed Their Perfume Launch — And No, It's Not Because Of Taylor Swift

Delayed. That's the current status of the Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner fragrance collaboration that was scheduled to drop on April 26 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT. Now, all previous images and mentions of the perfumes have been totally scrubbed from their individual and brand social media pages. So, what gives? Why did the sisters, who have teamed up for several liquid lipstick collections across their respective KKW Beauy and Kylie Cosmetics brands, stop the anticipated launch of their trio of scents housed in bottles shaped like lips?

Well, the official reason is not that dramatic and has nothing to do with the Taylor Swift conspiracy that went viral on the internet. But more on that in a moment. According to the sisters, the delay is a due to an unusual yet practical matter.

Kardashian posted a note on Twitter and her Instagram story revealing that there were problems with the bottles, which were undoubtedly a nod to Kylie Cosmetics' iconic dripping Lip Kit logo. The durability of the packaging was not up to their standards, and they were forced to move their perfume partnership until they get things right. The joint fragrance launch hasn't been pulled — it has been paused. The new date is TBA.

Whether you are a skeptical or supportive customer, all you can do is accept the delay.

So, what does Taylor Swift have to do with all of this? Well, there was a small but vocal sector of internet sleuths and digital conspiracy theorists who believed that the duo was purposely releasing the scents on the same day that their sometime nemesis Taylor Swift plans to reveal big news, which fans think involves her new album aka TS7. Many believed the sisters had drafted a coordinated effort to distract attention away from Swift and onto them. Well, that hypothesis is shot to hell and you can thank manufacturing issues for it.

Despite the disappointment over the delay, you can't blame Kim and Kylie for hitting the snooze button. Last year, Jaclyn Hill and Morphe dealt with a massive spate of negative publicity over The Vault eyeshadow palettes. Influencers and customers complained about the consistency and quality of the shadows, and Morphe was forced to halt the launch and repress the palettes in what had to be an expensive fix.

Therefore, it's more than reasonable for the sisters to take the appropriate and necessary steps to correct the problem now. It also feels a legitimate business decision, as Jenner seemed genuinely thrilled at finally having her own Eau de Kylie. During the reveal, she posted an Insta story, saying, "No one understands how excited I am for this because I have been a true fan of Kim's fragrances since the first one she ever dropped I am obsessed and I just can't believe I have my own."

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

The trio of scents was due to be sold through the KKW Fragrance site for $40 piece or as a bundle for $120. The assortment included Red Lips, with notes of blood orange zest and red lotus blossoms, along with vanilla bean, red cedar, and plush musks. Pink Lips was touted as boasting liquid amber, sandalwood, and coconut water notes. Nude Lips was promoted as an amber musk with heady notes of magnolia, jasmine, and peony.

Here's hoping Jenner and Kardsahian rebound with a new fragrance launch date on the quick. Until then, you and your pulse points need to exercise a little patience. Now, wassup with T. Swift on April 26?