Kim Kardashian Says She Was “In Awe” Of Kanye West When They First Met

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stars love to gush about their SOs in the press — but Kim and Kanye are skipping the middle man by publishing a chat they had with each each other. Kanye West's interview with Kim Kardashian in Vogue Arabia reveals details about their first date, their four children, and sets the record straight about how they met. It's an intimate conversation between the couple.

The full Q&A covers how Kim feels about fame in 2019, how she's not getting any short-cuts in law school, and how she has evolved as an entrepreneur over the years. But the sweetest part of of the interview has to be the bit that focuses on how Kim met Kanye.

"This was before you released your first album and you were known as a music producer. I was really shy. You thought I was Brandy’s assistant, which I wasn’t. Ever since you said that, it’s everywhere… like 'Kim is Brandy’s assistant.' I was her friend and stylist. I thought you were attractive, nice, very charming, really funny, powerful — I was in awe of you, but I was really shy, quiet, and a little nervous, to be honest."

Because of an interview that West did years ago on Kris Jenner's talk show, it is still widely reported that Kim was Brandy's assistant, not stylist. She was, in fact, just a friend and stylist. Brandy, at the time, was doing a music video with West.

"How did you realize I was the one for you," West asked as a follow-up in the Vogue interview.

"When I went to New York and we went to dinner and the movies, it was just so much fun. I remember I wore a Givenchy feather jacket and leather pants. It was super chill and so effortless being together. After spending that whole week together, I realized you were the one and then I was like, damn, why did I waste so much time and energy? 'Why didn’t I do this sooner?'"

Kim's spoken about that feeling before — that they should have been together already. At least that's kind of the best regret. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she talks about hanging together Paris after breaking up with Kris Humphries. At the New York movie date that she is alluding to, the couple allegedly saw The Hunger Games. Both the Paris trip and the movie date happened in 2012, so this basically adds up.

The Q&A goes on to discuss their children. Kim even jokes that she's fulfilling the psychic's prophecy from "Gold Digger." They do have four kids, just like the song said! According to the pair, North is the most like her father, while Saint is more like Kim. The jury's still out on Chi and Psalm.

"I often reflect on the most amazing childhood I had and I want them to always be able to look back and say, 'I had the most awesome life. My parents gave me all of the tools to be great and happy in life. They were fun, good, awesome parents and they were always there.'"

It concludes with some reflections on faith and the future. "In my mind I’m already living in those 10 years," Kim says when her husband asks where she sees herself. But for someone so forward-thinking, this interview is a great peak into the past.