Kim K Is Firmly Team Kris When It Comes To Caitlyn Jenner's Book

by Nicole Pomarico
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seemed like the Kardashians' relationship with Caitlyn Jenner was going downhill before, but now, they may have passed the point of no return. This week, Jenner released her new book, The Secrets of My Life, which addresses certain aspects of her marriage to Kris Jenner before they divorced and she came out as transgender. On Thursday, Kim Kardashian spoke out about Caitlyn's book on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in case there was ever any doubt, she's 100 percent team Kris on this one.

Although Kardashian didn't get into the specifics of what Caitlyn wrote in her book, she did talk about how upset about she is about it, without holding back. But instead of sharing her own feelings, she mainly focused on how her mom is doing, and it seems like Kardashian is mostly hurt because Kris is hurt. This doesn't come as a surprise, since Kardashian and Kris have always been really close, but the early years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians made it seem like the whole family was that close with Caitlyn, too.

In fact, at this point, it just sounds like the only thing tying Kardashian to Caitlyn is the fact that she's Kendall and Kylie's dad.

While talking to DeGeneres, Kardashian said:

"My heart breaks for my mom. I feel like she's been through so much, and she's promoting this book and she's saying all these things and I don't think it's necessary. I feel like it's unfair, things aren't truthful ... I wish her all the success in the world, just not at our expense."

Kardashian claimed that some of the things Caitlyn wrote in her books concerning Kris aren't true, and it sounds like the book has taken a toll on the entire family's relationship with her.

A rep for Caitlyn did not respond to Bustle's request for comment on Kardashian's interview at the time of publication. Caitlyn spoke about the book and Kris' reaction to it on Good Morning America on Monday and called the book "extraordinarily honest." She also said, "It is my perspective and, obviously, when you do a book like that, you know, there’s different opinions. I have a lot of friends that know the truth and know what I’ve been through and know the whole situation."

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If you caught Keeping Up With The Kardashians last Sunday, you already know Kris' immediate reaction to Caitlyn's book. In the episode, she got to read a copy early, and the things she read were enough to make her announce to her daughters that she was done with Caitlyn forever. It's a harsh statement, but at this point, it sounds like Kris has truly been through a lot as she's struggled with mourning a marriage ending that lasted more than 20 years.

Kardashian added to DeGeneres,

"I haven't talked to her in a couple weeks. I'll always love her. That was my stepdad for so many years. She taught me about character and so much growing up, and I just feel like I don't respect the character that she's showing now. But like I said, I'll still always have a major love for her for who she was in my life."

Hopefully, it isn't too late for the Kardashians to repair their relationship with Caitlyn if that's what they want to do, but if it is, it's good to see that Kris has such an awesome support system in her daughter.