Three Generations Of Kardashians Star In Fendi’s New Campaign & The Photos Are So Sweet

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The Kardashians are known for their high-end, designer looks, but this time it's not just about looking great. As WWD originally reported, the Kardashians are starring in Fendi's #MeAndMyPeekaboo Campaign. Kim Kardashian-West, Kris Jenner, and North West are the first females from the family to appear, and it's one heck of a start. Because nothing says family time than bonding in designer outfits.

Believe it or not, the stars of the Fendi campaign aren't exactly the Kardashians. Fendi's Peekaboo Bag is celebrating its' 10th anniversary this year, and the brand is celebrating by giving it to some of the most iconic families around.

According to WWD, the campaign is based around "the relationship that Venturini Fendi and her daughters have with the Peekaboo bag, and with one another." Apparently, North, Kardashian, and Jenner love the bag too. The video shows the family sitting in a field together in their high-end designs and running around by a pool.

“The idea was to expand the concept of family, as it’s part of our history, and we wanted other families of women,” Venturini Fendi tells WWD. “In the case of the Kardashians, they are all three of them very strong women, with strong personalities. It’s an iconic family, who is known for its appearance, but we wanted to bring more of an intimate side to the table.”

If intimate means frolicking in a field with thigh-high designer boots, then this brand nailed it. This isn't exactly what the traditional family time looks like, but it's exactly what the Kardashians' looks like. Although kanye did not join the family for the campaign, the brand did use Kanye's "Love Lockdown" for the video.

According to WWD, it was important to Fendi to get away from paparazzi to shoot the campaign in Los Angeles. The brand says that it allowed the women to let their walls down and capture “authentic, intimate, real family moments, private and genuine.”

“The concept of family could include many different aspects and we wanted to explore all of them, finding the most intimate and private side as the Peekaboo bag is also about the very special relationship between the bag and the woman carrying it. It allows complicity and empathy,” Fendi tells WWD.

Of course, the bag gets its' time to shine too. Both Kardashian-West and Jenner hold the accessory in the video. North sticks to a micro-handbag though, since the Peekaboo bag is a little big for her.

Unfortuantely, these are the only members of the Kardashian-Jenner family to star in the campaign. Other families reportedly include sisters Jessica and Krystal Jung and actress and photographer Clara McGregor and songwriter Esther McGregor. According to WWD, the entire campaign, which features families other than just the Karashian-Jenners, will be on the Fendi Instagram page on July 11.

Although there's no word on who else form the family got to celebrate the bag, there has been a whole lot of Fendi going around the family. Kylie Jenner debutted a Fendi purse this summer. She also sported a Fendi dress, shoes, fanny-pack and matching stroller to take daughter Stormi Webster for a walk in April. It looks like family Fendi moments really do happen outside of the campaign.

As Refinery 29 points out, Kardashain-West has also been wearing a whole lot of Fendi lately. In April, she wore a full head-to-toe outfit form the brand. It included Fendi leggings, a crop top, jacket, and a purse. So, yes, the campaign was just a casual day for the family.

The entire campaign will be out soon, so you can see all the adorable family moments then. Also, it's a note that you might want to amp up your own family reunion this year.