Kim Kardashian's Beautiful Tradition For Her Kids

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is a tradition I can get behind. The Kardashian family took to social media Wednesday to wish the late Robert Kardashian a happy birthday. He would've been 73. But it was Kim Kardashian's tweets that stood out the most. After sharing one of the best throwback Kardashian family photos ever, she revealed something special she's doing for her children, North and Saint West. Kim Kardashian writes her kids letters every year that she will give them when they turn 21. It's super sweet, but what makes it all the more touching is why she does it.

"I write my kids a letter each year reflecting on the year we had together & fun memories," she revealed. "I'll give the letters to them when they turn 21 [heart emoji]." When North and Saint get older this is something they'll hopefully cherish. What better way to connect to your mother and reflect on all of the good times you've had together? And whenever Kardashian is gone, North and Saint will have handwritten letters from their mom. Photos are a great visual memory, but these letters are an even more wonderful way to think back on your childhood and teenage years.

As for how this related to her dad, based on a tweet she shared right before the one about her children's letters, Kardashian's father once wrote her a letter she received after high school. It's something she's kept and likes to re-read, which is most likely why the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is doing the same for her own kids. "I found a 3 page letter my dad wrote me right after high school about life and it's so special to have," she tweeted. "I re-read it last night [heart emoji]."

Seeing as it is her dad's birthday, that's also probably why she took the time to read it Tuesday evening. The letter is a beautiful way to keep her father's memory alive and to look back on a time that meant a lot to her. As someone who lost my brother at just 16, to be able to hold a letter in my hand with his handwriting would mean the world to me. So, I can understand why Kardashian's father's letter means so much to her and why she'd want to do the same for her kids.

And as I mentioned earlier, Kardashian also shared an old family photo of herself, her dad, her mom, Kris Jenner, and her siblings, Rob, Kourtney, and Khloé. It's an epic photo and the perfect way to wish her dad a happy birthday. She captioned it, "Happy Birthday dad! I love this family photo. I love our family. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I'm so grateful you are my dad!" I appreciate how she used the present tense rather than past tense by saying "are my dad," because he will forever be her dad.

Kardashian's birthday tweets for her dad are truly heartwarming.