We Just Found Out North West Inspired Kim KW's Met Gala Look

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Kim Kardashian has had some memorable Met Gala looks. From her all floral everything dress that inspired Halloween costumes to her smoky eyes and Versace gown in 2018, the reality star understands the Met. However, Kim Kardashian West's 2019 Met Gala dress may have been her most sentimental choice. In the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian West explained that the dress was inspired by her daughter, North.

In Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Oct. 13 episode, Kardashian West fans got nearly an entire episode dedicated to the star's attendance at the annual Met Gala. The event, which Kardashian calls the "Oscars of fashion" in the episode, marked the KKW Beauty owner's seventh time attending, but it her first time there as the coinciding cover star of Vogue. Throughout the episode, it's clear that Kardashian West takes her appearance at the gala seriously, having multiple fittings for her dress and even admitting in the episode that she'd be willing to pee herself for the perfect look.

While the reality star was intent on getting everything perfect, Kardashian's 2019 Met Gala look also had a sentimental touch. In the episode, she says that her daughter North inspired the entire thing. According to one of Kardashian's confessional moments in the show, her oldest often refers to herself as an alien and her mother as a mermaid. For the gala, Kardashian decided to go all in on the mermaid comparison.

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Viewers got to see Kardashian West in her final fitting the night before the 2019 gala, and in a confessional that's played as a voiceover, she explains that the dress is meant to look as if she's just come out of the water and is still dripping, like a mermaid.

The dress was created specially for Kardashian West by iconic designer Manfred Thierry Mugler who she calls a "fashion god" in the episode. Kardashian goes on to reveal the dress has 500 hand sewn crystals that give the dripping water effect, and it's actually made of latex which made getting into the frock difficult, especially given the corset underneath.

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While Kardashian West explains that she was nervous about Mugler being unhappy with her look for the evening, that clearly was not the case. A few months after wearing the designer's piece to the Met Gala, Kardashian West graced the cover of Vogue Arabia, and not only was she wearing both archival Mugler pieces and items from current creative director Casey Cadwallader's collections, but her shoot was also directed by Mugler himself.

Vogue Arabia

While the episode didn't show daughter North's reaction to the dress, the oldest of the Kardashian West kids has continued to impact her mom's style choices. The pair often wear coordinated or matching ensembles on Kardashian's Instagram, and North has helped style her mom before. Back in June, Kardashian West posted a photo showing North helping style her Dolce & Gabbana anniversary look.

While North West's reaction to Kim Kardashian West's 2019 Met Gala may still be a mystery, the oldest of the reality star's children may just have a future in fashion as she continues to inspire her mother's looks.