Kim Kardashian's Voice Sounds So Different In This Throwback Clip & Yes, Even She Noticed

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've noticed that Kim Kardashian's voice has seemingly changed over the years, you're not alone. The reality star can tell the difference, too. Kardashian isn't embarrassed about the voice changes, though. Instead, her reaction shows that she doesn't take herself too seriously, posting a lighthearted statement about some old footage.

This week, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is celebrating "Kardashian Week," looking back at all of the times the Kardashian and Jenner family members have appeared on the show. To kick the week off, DeGeneres tweeted at Kim on Tuesday, sharing a clip from the first time the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared on Ellen.

"Happy #KardashianWeek, @KimKardashian! Remember your first appearance on my show?" DeGeneres tweeted. In her response to the tweet, Kardashian wrote, "I'm really baffled how my voice has changed so much!"

Kardashian's tweet seems to be anticipating the responses from fans who might point out the fact that her voice doesn't sound the way it did in 2010. It's not the first time the topic has come up, so Kardashian is likely getting ahead of any further discussion with her tweet, which points out her feelings on the matter in a straightforward way.

When the KUWTK 10-year anniversary special aired last September, plenty of fans tweeted about how different Kardashian's voice sounded in the clips from 2007. At the time, Kardashian herself weighed in on the discussion, tweeting, "I miss my 2007 voice lol."

If Kardashian was "so confused" in September, she's probably not "really baffled" to hear her old voice again now. Plus, her voice in the Ellen interview isn't that different from her current one — really, she just sounds a bit younger.

But based on her new tweet, it seems like Kardashian is ready for people to start talking about her voice again, so she's chiming in on the discussion before it gets out of hand. Kardashian knows her voice has changed a little, but it doesn't bother her.

Another thing that's interesting about the old Ellen clip is what Kardashian chose not to address in her tweet. In the 2010 conversation, Kardashian also talks about following Taylor Swift on Twitter — this was way before all the "Famous" drama and that Kanye West phone call. A lot can change over the years, including way more than someone's voice.

Kardashian's tweet is only the latest in her series of attempts to joke around and poke fun at herself, too. In the past, Kardashian has joked about her fashion choices and joked about going as herself for Halloween.

She's even made light of the fact that some people have called her talentless in the past, sharing her 2016 Forbes cover with the hashtag #NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent.

Anyone who's thinking about lobbing criticisms at the Kardashians should know that they've probably already heard them, just like Kim reminded fans with the tweet about her voice. Sure, she knows what fans will say about old clips like these, but she doesn't seem bothered — she's clearly comfortable with her voice and it changing over the years.