Kardashian Fans Are Fighting Over Their Favorite Sisters & Khloé Is Frustrated AF

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It almost seems like there isn't a day that goes by without the Kardashians becoming involved in some kind of social media beef. This time, it's their fans who are causing the drama. Kim and Khloé Kardashian are not here for their fans fighting, and they're letting them know it.

Apparently, there's some kind of divide within the Kardashian fandom between Kim superfans and Khloé/Kylie Jenner superfans. One of the family's biggest supporters, Twitter user Myleeza Kardash, first brought this issue to the forefront on Twitter on Thursday. She tweeted about how she was sick of all of this Kardashian in-fighting. Myleeza wrote, "And this KKW fans vs Khloe/Kylie fans shit is soooooo wack. I read it everyday and don't say anything but that shit is wack and y'all know it's wack."

Since she's one of the Kardashian's biggest fans, her tweet caught the attention of both Kim and Khloé. Their fans' divide must have been an intense topic of conversation for the two sisters, as they both related their thoughts on the matter within minutes of each other on Twitter. The KKW Beauty owner even said that she was speaking to her sister on that very topic, and likely trying to figure out how this got to be such an issue in the first place.

Kim also continued and tweeted that she and Khloe were super confused about why their fandoms have been at odds with one another. And, honestly, same. How and when did this in-fighting even start?

The drama was indeed kind of confusing to follow. Luckily, some helpful fans tweeted some explanation as to what the entire issue is. It seems like it really comes down to some fans of one Kardashian sibling spreading hatred on the fan pages for other sisters. And, from the sounds of it, their behavior really hasn't been OK.

The Revenge Body (executive producer: Larissa A.K. Matsson) star had a strong response to all of this fighting. It's safe to say that she was also not here for this unfortunate divide within the Kardashian fandom. And just a tip to all of those drama-starting fans, you'd be wise to take note of Khloé's message here:

She's exactly right. If you're at all a fan of the Kardashians, you would know that the family puts each other first and they're always there for each other. Sure, they may get into some spats and even some social media drama themselves. But, throughout it all, they really are each other's biggest supporters. It's unfortunate that this supportive sentiment hasn't exactly translated to a small subset of their fans.

Based on the replies to Kim and Khloé's tweets, their other fans obviously want all of this fighting to stop. They just want to get back to the good ol' days pre-Kardashians fan divide.

Get Back To The Fun

Myleeza, for one, wants to get back to having fun while supporting all of the Kardashian siblings, as she said in her reply to Khloé.

Nothing But Love

One of those aforementioned helpful fans who explained the drama tweeted about how they wish there wasn't so much negativity within the fandom.

Stay Positive

Another fan is clued into the Kardashian's brand of love and support. And they think that other fans should follow the family's strong example of positivity.

Doing Amazing

One fan used that now-classic Kris Jenner gif to tell Khloé that she was "doing amazing" in calling out all of the haters.

An A+ Mean Girls Reference

This fan may have one of the best and most hilarious messages for all of those negative people out there. Taking a page out of the Mean Girls' not-so-Burn Book, they suggested that people should bake a cake so that everyone can eat and be happy. Sounds like a winning idea.

It would be nice if all of the family's fans (and, you know, in a perfect world, everyone) could be positive on social media. After all, the Kardashians have always been big about light and love. So, maybe those haters will soon take note of Kim and Khloé's rejection of all of that negativity.