Kim Zolciak-Biermann Crashes The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Season 9 Finale

Annette Brown/Bravo

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is going out the exact same way it came in: with a semi-disastrous housewarming party. And of course, Shereé didn't just host the party, she also collected the bones for the evening, by inviting Kim Zolciak Biermann to the RHOA finale. Shereé's giant crew of people attempting to put together the house before the party started wasn't quite as frantic as Kenya's construction crew, but both women clearly focused on updating a few particularly photogenic rooms in hopes that it would look good for the cameras because while the house was still in progress (though to be fair, Kenya, lots of people with totally finished houses have unfinished basements).

And while the trailers, of course, played up that Kim would bring lots of drama, it seems that the woman once nicknamed "Wig" by her costars has mellowed out a lot in the intervening five years since she stormed out of a trip-planning meeting and quit the Housewives. She was able to make up with Shereé, and quickly squashed her beef with Kandi. But the one exception is always Kenya Moore, who was able to draw out a little drama with Kim. It wasn't even really clear why the two started trading barbs about their relative families and appearances, but it has something to do with Kenya snooping around and discovering that the house wasn't quite totally done.

The Chateau really does seem a lot bigger than Kenya's house, so it's not totally crazy that some of the rooms would still be unfinished. After a quick shouting session, though, Kim totally chills out and even manages to hang out for a little while longer, even if she reserves one last cold shoulder for Kenya on her way out.

In fact, there were more than just one guest star in this finale. In addition to Kim, Season 1 RHOA star Lisa Wu made a super quick appearance, and Marlo popped up too, with a mask that resembled her face in order to have even bigger reactions to all of the finale drama. But overall, this guest appearance showed how much adding four kids and five years of marriage have made Kim just as shady, and just as fun, but a little less stressed and pressed after every confrontation. No wigs are grabbed, and Kenya doesn't even have to twirl away in order to save her. It wasn't quite as dramatic as some antics from earlier Real Housewives of Atlanta seasons, but maybe this finale just goes to show that some of these ladies, Kim Zolciak included, have matured quite a bit in the last few years.