Andy Cohen's Cameo On 'Kimmy Schmidt' Is Perfect

If you're a fan of Jane Krakowski's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt character Jacqueline, then you've likely already thought about what a perfect addition she would be to the cast of The Real Housewives of New York. And, considering the most recent season of Kimmy Schmidt just hit Netflix on Friday, it looks like the stars have finally aligned, because Kimmy Schmidt and Andy Cohen have crossed paths. Spoilers ahead for Season 3.

Cohen makes a short cameo in episode 12, while Jacqueline and Russ are both getting used to the latter's makeover. Russ' new and improved look causes the Watch What Happens Live host to reach out to Jacqueline — who we later find out (although it really wasn't surprising at all) submitted a Real Housewives of New York audition tape to Bravo shortly after finalizing her divorce from Julian. After a talk with Russ, she considers appearing on the show, mostly because she wants the opportunity to get a little publicity for her charity to save the endangered toilet rat from extinction.

As it turns out, Bravo doesn't want to let Jacqueline appear on the show as much as they want Russ. While it's insanely clear that Jacqueline belongs in the RHONY cast, Cohen reveals during a meeting with the couple that the only reason they considered her for a spot is because of Russ' appearance. Russ, whose new look is obviously getting to his head, eventually agrees to the deal, but basically nixes the idea of promoting Jacqueline's charity. Why? Because Bravo series' are all about "beautiful things."


By the end of the episode, Jacqueline makes a pretty smart move and breaks things off with Russ. So, it doesn't look like she'll be becoming a Real Housewives cast member any time soon, but wouldn't that have been amazing to (fake) watch? If only.