Why Kit Snicket's Fate In 'ASOUE' Will Break Your Heart

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Spoilers for A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 3 ahead! Not every adult that the Baudelaires encounter in A Series Of Unfortunate Events after their parents perish in a terrible fire is evil and incompetent. In Season 3, the final leg of this documented journey, possibly one of the kindest and most capable adults appears. What happens to Kit Snicket in A Series Of Unfortunate Events? She may be the orphans' last trustworthy ally.

Fans of the books may have guessed that the woman who arrived at Caligari Carnival (and the previous Madame Lulu) played by Allison Williams is Kit Snicket, the third sibling to Jacques and Lemony. While the Netflix series has fleshed out some aspects of her backstory, her initial appearance is pretty much the same — and unfortunately, so is her fate in the novel series.

When Kit finally reaches Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, she is driving a taxi (which in the Netflix series belonged first to Jacques) and several months pregnant. The baby's father is Dewey Denouement. She leaves the Baudelaires in the care of the noble Denouement brothers (but not the wicked Denouement brother) to aid other volunteers. In the books, it is Captain Widdershins and his adopted children, Fiona and Fernald. In the Netflix series, it is the airborne Quagmires.

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In The End, the final book in Lemony Snicket's series, Kit washes ashore the island on a raft made out of books, with the Incredibly Deadly Viper as her companion. After being exposed to the medusoid mycelium, a deadly fungus, she dies — but not before giving birth to a baby girl. Worried that the hybrid apple, a genetically engineered antidote to the poison, will harm her unborn child, she waits to eat it until it is already too late.

Kit names the baby after the Baudelaires' mother, finally revealing that Mrs. Baudelaire is the long deceased and long lost love "Beatrice" that Lemony Snicket has been mourning throughout the series. She becomes Beatrice Snicket, or Beatrice Baudelaire II, as the orphans become her young guardians.

Speaking of romantic entanglements, it is also revealed in the books (and drawn out a bit more in the series) that Kit and Olaf once loved one another, and still do in their way, though Olaf's wicked path separated them. Anyone else want a VFD soap opera prequel?

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Not only is Kit a good person, she has clearly been worn down by the schism. Unlike some of the other volunteers, she's lost a lot of hope. "I'm distraught," she tells the children in the books. "That's my condition. I'm distraught, and I'm pregnant."

If you want more of this character, she is mentioned a few times in Lemony Snicket's All The Wrong Questions series as well as Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography. However, unfortunately, like many of the characters in this tragic tale, she does in fact die young. Her child, like so many others in this fraught universe, becomes an orphan. In The Beatrice Letters, the young Beatrice Snicket begins to contact her uncle Lemony — though that book was published before The End, so at the time her identity was unknown.

Kit may die, like the Baudelaire parents, the Quagmire parents, Montgomery Montgomery, Aunt Josephine, and so many volunteers before her — but her legacy lives on and the next generation is armed to do better.