KKW Beauty Is Coming To Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game

Getting an inside look into the life of Kim Kardashian isn't that difficult. From Keeping Up With the Kardashians to her social media channels, fans can see nearly every aspect of her life. Now, KKW Beauty's integration into "Kim Kardashian Hollywood" shows that the star's successful video game is yet another way that fans can experience Kardashian's life.

Kardashian's television show and social media prowess have always been what she's most known for, but now, her KKW Beauty line has created sold-out pandemonium, and she's got even more coming. Capitalizing on its popularity, Kardashian is incorporating the popular KKW Highlight & Contour Kits in her iPhone game. You can contour and highlight your face in real life and in virtual reality, just like Kardashian.

If you're wondering why an integration into Kim Kardashian Hollywood makes sense, the video game is actually one of the reality television mogul's most successful endeavors. In fact, in 2016, Kardashian landed on the cover of Forbes for her game and dubbed a "new media mogul" for its success.

Not only is it successful, but it's also a glimpse into her life. Kardashian incorporates everything from her family members to her real-life wardrobe into the game, and it's the perfect place to get to know Kardashian more.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Incorporating the contour sticks is just the next phase of Kardashian's life that's being worked into the game. KKW Beauty isn't stopping at a single product. She's already hinted at more products to come from KKW Beauty, and since she seems to be starting her own cosmetics empire, adding it to the game is a brilliant move.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

In case you missed it, the initial launch sold out in less than a day, and during a subsequent restock, the same thing happened. Currently, fans are still waiting on the next chance to snag the kits during the July 20 restock.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

If you weren't one of the lucky fans who got the KKW Beauty Contour & Highlight Kit, you can at least play pretend on your phone. Who knows, it might make you a better makeup artist in real life!